Working on Something in the Kitchen...

{I Saw'd It}
I'm using this bad boy...By MYSELF!...

To transform this area....

And this area.

This project is taking a lot of brain power for me.
And another trip to the hardware store to get more of these

YIPPEE!! Cason just called me and said that Lowe's is having a sale on their 5 gallon Kilz. It's only $25 BUCKS!
K, I can't wait to show you the finished product!
Aren't you excited! This is TOTALLY a good, and DO-ABLE DIY!


  1. how exciting for you!! Dont you love power tools. I never thought in a million years that I would be into building things. Well I owe it to the man I married and his mom to get me started. And now I have my own power tools. LOL. Great ideas, I love the colors youve picked. I'm proud of you shelly! LOL :)

  2. ps just please dont tell me your painting your gorgous cabinets. :)


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