Putting in Sod & Home Thoughts

{Finished Yard & Thoughts}

YES! The grass is done!
Seriously... SO happy about this!
This crazy sprinkler box...

Has now been tamed. (for now)

And these strong men have transformed my backyard!

With a little sprinkler adjustments...

Our yard will be on it's way!
We'll just have to figure out what we're doing with the patio.
I'm thinkin' since it's starting to get pretty cold, that we might wait till spring.

I've been looking for the perfect canisters to put my soap and stain fighter in.
I just can't find them!!
Gotta keep looking.

I'm also looking for a long rod to place in my bedroom... more thoughts on this later

My girls' rooms' are quickly becoming a priority.
We need to repaint... and get some beds... hopefully sooner than later.
I'm thinking bunks for the girls, that can convert into twins...

And maybe a day bed for the baby?
Maybe not. I'm still trying to decide.

DEFINETLY need to get to putting my poor table back in it's place
It just looks so bare.

Lots to do... So little time.


  1. lovin those ideas! and your yard looks great!!!

  2. where o where did you find that bedspread in your bedroom?


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