Beadboard Wall Shelf

{Living Room Beadboard Shelf}

Cason and I have been wanting to finish this wall for a while, but have been lacking the funds!
But while I was at the hardware store a couple of days back, I noticed that they had this primed board on sale!!! It was exactly what I needed!
I have seen a couple of other people put up shelves on blogs and such lately... and they are always 3 inches deep.
What can you REALLY put on THREE measly inches? Not much.  I decided on 5 :)
(ya, I live on the wild side... (rolling my eyes))

ANYWAY... Once I bought all the wood
**for only $16 BUCKS! (and that includes the trim piece and triangles)
Here is the first piece in place. Literally... I just flipped the board over, so that the primed side was facing down, and Cason shot some nails into the wall, on an angle.
We noticed that the board WAS a little heavy and large, for the small ledge that it had to sit on... so we made the decision... since there will probably be some heavy things on there... that we should anchor it with some corbels, or something.
Buuuuut, since those are pricey...

Enter scrap wood that we had this in the garage....
Cason cut it into these little triagles.
Genius!!!... and FREE!

Get the idea?

I primed them, with some spray primer, and then up they went... with a little bit of liquid nails, and one shot of the nail gun!

Next, the trim piece.  Definitely needed this lip, to make sure that the objects on the shelf didn't slip, or fall off... very crucial piece.
Nails were not an option, because the board underneath wasn't thick enough, and the nails would have popped through...so we ran a bead of liquid nails on the underside, and placed it up.

This is what the top looks like.
Let's be totally honest... I'm not jumping off my computer chair to go paint this guy.
I cant see it, and either can Cason. Soooooooo... it maaaaaaaay not get painted. lol.

In other news:

We frosted some cookies today.
I always remember my Mom telling me to NEVER lick dinner knives.  And it always bugged me. It's not like they're THAT sharp........right?
Ya, well... to bad today, as my girls were licking the frosting off of their knives, I said...
"Ooo, honey, don't do that... that's sharp!"
yikes. I've become my mother.

Weirder part though... I didn't ACTUALLY care... it just... came out. LOL
Maybe that's part of Motherhood!? Anyone?


  1. Looks awesome!! I'm so jealous of the shelf :) Love the tree, I would love to have mine up already too!
    Thanks for the blog love!! You are a sweetie!


  2. You crack me up....yes I tend to say things my mom said to me when I was a child...lol! Your tree is gorgeous! I took photos of my tree in different settings...sorry that's my advise..ha! I have to check out where you bought that jewelry...so fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. You need a tripod, SLR Camera (I am assuming you have one.) Set it to manual setting for shutter speed. Make the room as dark as possible. Set the camera to a slow shutter speed. then just play around with different lighting in the room and your camera shutter speed. Experiment with the camera is the best way to find a great picture.

  4. Funny lady...lol! I love your beadboard wall shelf creation! The first I've seen of it's kind actually!

  5. LUV the shelf! More pics please???? I've been thinking about doing this all the way around my daughters room with pegs for her ribbons and toys. I saw it in PB, but I need close ups.

  6. Just found your blog. My poor husband. Our to-do list just multiplied by like a zillion times.

    Did you use the beadboard paneling stuff for the beadboard?

    Thank you!!!

  7. Just found your blog. My poor husband - our to-do list just grew a LOT.

    Did you use the beadboard paneling? Thanks!

  8. too funny that you spoke your mom's lesson without thought and took a picture cuz you didn't really care.....this made me smile a lot, thanks for that...this was my 1st time visiting your site & I will be back for more:)Stacie

  9. I'm attempting to do this in our mudroom and so glad I found your blog. Your idea is way simpler, easier, cheaper and NICER than what I had planned LOL!! Thank you. Great blog!

  10. Hi Shelly, I would love to know the height of your bead board. Is the the size that piece comes in or did you cut it? I am attempting to do this gallery wall of yours, I started collecting IKEA frames, have a letter and did a Family Rules version of your Address Subway Art. I can't wait to put it all together! I love how you changed it out for the 2013 Christmas holiday!!! You are my muse!!!!

  11. I am attempting to do this in our living room! I have started collecting my IKEA frames, made a Subway Family Rules (in place of your Address Subway Art) and have our letter B! I am interested to know the height of your bead board. You are my MUSE, Shelly you inspire me truly and your blog has made me find my inner designer! Thank YOU! Also love the way you updated this room for the 2013 Holiday!


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