Twin Talk: Two of the Same

{Two of the Same?}

Em: "Mom? I look like Jocey... huh?"
Me: "Yup, a little bit"
Em: "But why do I look like her?"
M: "Because you're twins. So when Mommy was pregnant with you, there were two of you, at the same time... crazy huh?"
Em: ...thinking... "So we're like two of the SAME?!!!... cool Mom!"

lol. I thought it was so funny, that after all this time, she FINALLY realized that she looked similar to her sister, and they were "the same"
This conversation was about 4 days ago, and ever since then she's been holding up the number two and singing... "Jocey and me are two of the same!"
Love these girls.


  1. I love how your twins are always dressed the same. Twin girls must be super fun! They are absolutely adorable, all 3!

  2. So sweet! You have beautiful girls!


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