Board and Batten Wall Treatment Progress

{2 down... 2 to go}

OKAY... WHO decided to put THIS many boards on ONE wall? What a PAIN in the NECK to paint all those!
ugh. ..lol
2 coats of primmer later, and this is how far I've gotten.
I plan on doing 2 coats of semi gloss white later today... hopefully, if my back holds out. The bending, kneeling, and reaching almost KILLED me yesterday.
Can't wait to get this project done!


  1. Ok...you are seriously SOOOOO creative. I hope I have time to let my creative juices flow some day or at least see if there is any creative juice in me. :-)

  2. I just found your blog through Tatertots and Jello~love it! I was wondering on the pre-cut boards at HD, what are they called? Or the size? Are they in the lumber section...would love to do this in a room downstairs, but was just wondering what I should look for. Thanks so much!

  3. love it! I have been wanting to do board and batten in my boys and girls rooms and the bathroom, sadly haven't gotten to any of them yet:(


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