Baby Room Momma Drama: THE PINK WALL!

{Baby Room, Momma Drama Part I }
And a Valentines gift

Here's the breakdown of this crazy ride we like to call...
"Aubrielle's Room Makover, gone wrong"

***Gotta share the good... WITH the bad, right?***

This poor little room has officially had MORE primmer and paint colors than ANY other room in our entire home... Times 3.
I spent all day Thursday painting the room from


To this...

(it's called Adobe White) It matches the cream polkadots on the quilt.
The yellow, before was great, but it just clashed funny with the new yellow quilt.
*The lightings not the best here... sorry*
This is where the drama begins.
I had this brilliant idea to find a color that matched exactly with the color of her dust ruffle and euro sham, and paint one wall, this color, and do some trim work.
I knew it was a DARK pink... but I ain't scared!
I bought the paint... and was on my way.
I actually PAINTED it.
I'm NOT joking you... I felt like I had just MURDERED this poor wall, in my baby's room.
It was GLOWING into the HALLWAY, it was SO bright... literally.
I could HARDLY bare to leave it for the couple of hours that it existed. And felt like every time I walked down the hall the Jaw's theme song should have been playing, as I approached her room... and it's new... "glow"

See for yourself...

duh dun
duh dun
duh dun


It's funny now, but I'll be honest... When Cason came home from work...
*get ready for a REAL home improvement moment*
I cried.
Yup. I totally just broke down and cried.
I had been painting ALL freakin' day, had even convinced my hubby it was going to be "SO CUTE"... My body hurt, and now, I HATED everything!

The poor guy, who hates painting... like I hate laundry, grabbed a roller and the 5 gallon bucket of primmer (yes, we have a 5 gallon bucket... don't judge, please)
and got to work.
Really... I love him.
He didn't say "I told you so" and didn't laugh at me, or get mad because I had wasted $28 bucks on a gallon of crazy, pink paint... he just... primmed.

What a GREAT Valentines Day present.
Who knew that sometimes you just have to take the pinkish red OUT of Valentines Day, to be happy???


  1. Oh Geez. I HATE it when that happens. Cason is the best. Mike would have totally rubbed it into my face. (Literally pink paint all over my face) I would love to take the girls this week Tues-Thurs. Friday and Saturday are booked, but Jeffrey and Katie LOVED having Aubrielle over. Let me know

  2. Really we've all cried out guys out over a gallon and sometimes even a quart of paint!! Nothing a little primer and your handsome husband can't fix!! What is plan "b"?

  3. Oh gosh, seeing the pink hue on the door....wow. :) What a darling and sweet husband you have to just prime that all out for you. Perfect Valentine's present. Can't wait to see what comes next for this sweet room!

  4. Oh I am glad I just saw this. I am painting my little one's room and was thinking about doing one wall in a dark pink, I am now rethinking that decision, ha!

  5. awww you have such a wonderful husband!!! how sweet!!!


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