Christmas Ornaments turned Decor

{Unlikely Find}

Cason and I were out an about a few weeks back, and we decided to stop at Trolley Square. It's kind of a high end shopping center downtown. It has Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn... things like that.
I NEVER buy anything, because it's always SO expensive, but I LOVE to brows and get ideas.
Well... while I was in Restoration Hardware I saw that all their Christmas items were on clearance for about 80% off. I wandered over, and found these cute round berry ornaments for under $2.00 a piece. Normally like... $9 each.
I snagged three of them for under $7 bucks... cut off the string that made them LOOK like an ornament, and plan on putting them in this apothecary jar, once my flowers have lived their life.
I need to find some more fun textured orbs to put in here, but this is a good start, eh!?
You never know what you're gonna find!

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