Holly's House

{Holly's Home}
K, so I have this sweet friend Holly, who lives down the road from me, and I went over a while back to take some pictures of some vinyl that she bought from me... and I got a little carried away in the photo department.  

Can you blame me?  I just LOVE all of the molding that she has done in her home!
I asked her if I could share these, and when she said yes, I was thrilled!!!

Holly and her hubby are SUPER handy.  I love that!
She is in the middle of her Master Bedroom redo, and I can hardly wait to see what she's come up with!
She has great taste!
Thanks Holly, for letting me share!

PS... Remember that MDF type board I was telling you about yesterday... well, that's what she used for her son's room with the blue grid!
I'm tellin' ya, this stuff us the best!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE the blue in the first picture. Ask her what color it is so I can paint my bedroom. It makes me smile!

  2. Wow your friend and her hubby are really talented! After doing my little one's room it may be some time before I can convince my hubby to another room, lol! I love your vinyl by the way!

  3. Love her house! How fun to have such like-minded neighbors!

    I wanted to let you know that I just linked to your blog and put up a pic of your crepe paper wreath. I am attempting to make a wreath myself this weekend in between caring for sick kids! Maybe it will be therapy for me LOL. I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Here is the link to the post at my blog:


    Thanks Shelley!!!

  4. I just wanted you to know that I love your blog. Your home is beautiful.I love what your laundry room transformation. What color did you use on your walls? I've been looking everywhere for a "Welcome" sticker for my front door. Glad I found you!

  5. Hi! Just found you on Met Monday linky site. Hoping to add my first one this evening, so checking out how it works. Anway, you are too funny. But the pics of your laundry room have really drawn me in. I love it. Never have I seen a chandelier in this space, what a creative and cute thing to do. I am totally inspired. Mine is somewhat decorated and now I'm really feeling it. LOL! I am adding you for sure, love your ideas!


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