More Crepe Paper Rose Ball Forms

{More Rose Ball Forms}

You know how you just love an idea, so you just take it, and run with it!?
Ya... These rose ball forms are just so fun to look at, I thought I would make some for spring, to sit in my new entryway!
Looooove them.
**I'm thinking I need some cute vinyl on my little vintage trough here... what do ya think?**


  1. OH YEAH! vintage vinyl is a must!

  2. love this idea! thanks for posting. and i love how inexpensive of a project it is! can't wait to attempt someday!

  3. Girl, you've done it again. Super cute! I love the pop of color. Those rose balls are so pretty!

  4. Hi there! I saw your post at Tatertots and I love your blog and flower balls! Too cute!! I was wondering what your first idea was that you said was too expensive? Also, I too have scratched my head wondering why styrofoam balls are so dang expensive (when you can buy a whole ice chest for a couple dollars!), I was wanting to make a huge topiary with some and I started thinking that maybe a kids rubber ball that you can buy at the dollar store might work for that and your flower balls?? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh yes very cute and I agree some vinyl would be very cute. Something about spring or blooming would be cute.

  6. I can't wait to make some of these. I just have to go to the store for some supplies...
    I bought a planter box like yours today at goodwill, but it's black. After seeing your picture I think I might give it a white makeover.

    Allison @ http://www.houseofhepworths.com/

  7. hey girl! Guess what, I bought some crepe paper tonight! Can't wait to make some pretty flower balls! I'll link back to you when I finally finsh them and post them on my blog!

  8. So cute for spring! I might just have to do this for an entry table I just found on CL. Thanks for the inspiration! I am a little scared to try (I saw your tutorial before) & I don't know why, but wish me luck :)

  9. What size styrofoam balls did you use in your picture?
    Thank you!

  10. LOVE THIS! What size styrofoam balls did you use in your white planter box?


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