Daybreak Lake Outing

{Family Night at the Lake}

My parents live in Daybreak and it's just... beautiful this time of year.
Every thing is turning green, the ducks are making an appearance, kids are exploring, and people of all kinds are out and about.
We love it here.

Lots of love at The Lake. :)
My Mom and Dad

This is the girls's favorite part.
We always end a great trip here, with at least a quick drive by of this beautiful place.

The views are quite spectacular and it's definitely worth the trip west to check out the beautiful scenery (and soon shopping!) that Daybreak has to offer :)


  1. Oh fun! love the lighting at that time of day! eee! can't wait to be down there and explore the area!

  2. beautiful photos - it looked like a wonderful visit!

  3. Aw...I wish we could have gone with you guys. That looks like so much fun. I can't believe how big Katie and Jeffrey are getting!

  4. What a fun idea for family night. Love that the grandparents got involved. Your pics are darling of the kids on the dock. So cute.

  5. Love the pictures! what temple is that?

  6. Daybreak looks fabulous... so pretty. The kids all look really happy and your Ma and Pa are very cute.


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