Where to find Precut Wood


This is probably my most frequently asked question... here on my blog.
"Shelley... where do you find those "precut wood slats" that you're always talking about?"
Well... I FINALLY remembered to take my camera to Lowe's when I went this last time... and snapped a picture.

These guys are AWESOME!
I used them

and I helped my friend pick a great size out... for her new baby nursery, here!

If you aren't an experienced DIY'er then these are GREAT!  The cutting is done for you.  Just slap them up with some liquid nails and you've got yourself some trim, baby!!!
Hope that helps gals!!! :)

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  1. So how did I miss that you were using pre cut wood? I didn't even know that existed, it opens up a whole new world to me! Thanks!


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