Sprayed White Decorative Orbs


Sadly... nothing is safe here...

When this, is in my hand. lol

Watch out kids/husband/neighbors/yappy neighbors dog... :)

I'm off to finish my table.
Jeesh... broken promises much?
I was suppose to have that thing done yesterday... lol


  1. Great idea. I love the contrast!

  2. Nothing better than a can of spray paint! Looking forward to the table.

  3. May you can help me...I want to re stain a small display shelf. Any tips on how. It is a light color wood and I want it to be darker.

  4. That's great! You have a good eye for that neutral/white/tonal stuff. I don't think I do. I can't stay away from COLOR, but I LOVE all these neutral rooms! Aargh!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and pretty much LOVE it! Have been looking for a way to make chunkier baseboards forEVER and am sooo happy to have seen yours! :::adding to my reader:::

  6. I have a new love of this spray paint too! I went to Walmart this morning and bought a can!! Thanks sooo much for the tips!

  7. La la lovely! Question - you mentioned that you spray paint with flat paint. Do you do furniture that way too? If so do you have any problems cleaning it (like dirty fingerprints, ect...)


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