Stop Sign Table Thrift Find Story

{Just you Wa'it!}

Look at this super CUTE table I found at DI!
I LOVE the dark lacquered, stop sign shape top
and the faux paint job on the metal base.  Ooo!
This was the conversation I had with Cason when I came home with my "find".

Me:  "Cason, LOOK!  Look what I found at DI!!!"
(me hauling the SUPER heavy awkward table out of the van)

Cas: (eyebrows furrowed, lip curled up, neck slamming back into his chest)
"Ew... why?... Why did you BUY that?... It's... awful!"

Me: (mouth hanging open in shock, trying not to smile... as I haul the dirty table into our garage)
"What???... you don't love it???"

Cas:........................ "Sick"
(walks into the house)
Me: (Yelling out in my best "Liza Doolittle" voice)

Just you WAIT...!!!...'Enry 'Iggin's... 

Uhhhg.  You see my vision right?
Minus a few parts... and given a little spray paint love?

Okay... well even if you don't
I'm gonna finish this guy up tomorrow... so you won't have to "visualize it" any longer. lol.

ps.  Cas loves musicals.  Can't say that about a lot of guys.  I do too... but...
Him more than me... so when I pull a "musical quote" out... he just loves me even more :)
Have I mentioned how well he plays the piano and sings?
It's why I fell in love with him.
Once I found out he was the Organ boy at church... and was a musical nerd... he was mine!
LOL.... WOW... if you only KNEW the boys that I dated before him... you would be laughing.
God works in mysterious ways, eh? lol.


  1. I have been searching for a table like this!!! I need to move by you. You find all the greatest stuff!

  2. I have a table very similar to that one that I've been wanting to paint. I can't wait to see what you do with it, then I can copy you LOL!

  3. Love Cason's reaction. Super excited to see you work your magic on it!

  4. I see the vision! I SEE IT!....and it's awesome :)

  5. My husband would say, "Stop, we can't fit another thing in this house." Of course, I could find someplace. Especially for a unique item like that. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. oh I totally see it! GREAT find! can't wait to see it transformed! :) woot! woot!!

  7. Ha, ha! You are such a dork but I can see the vision with table. The details are cool! Where are you going to put it?

  8. I totally get it! I would love to have a table like this for "game night"!

  9. LOL!!! Crackin up over here...I can totally see how cute that table will be w/ some spray paint love and maybe a little glaze or sanded spots ;)
    My hubbie loves musicals too! He was just watching something the other day about Phantom of the Opera..I went to look @ blogs ;)lol
    And right there w/ ya on the blogger issues w/ pics. It is a total pain in the booty to upload and put them where you want them w/ out the text being all funky...ugh!
    Looking forward to seeing the table!

  10. That table is FABULOUS! Can't wait to see what you do with it!
    The stand alone-ooh-lalala~!

  11. Can't wait to see what you do to it. You have inspired me to bop into the DI more often!

  12. Oh! I can't wait to see it!! I love the pedestal!!

  13. Ok Shelley I love this post. First off how could you not see the potential in that table. It is perfect. I would have bought it in a heart beat. I decided I need a bigger house just to fit all the random furniture I see and find that has great potential.

    Second it's a shame my dear cousin that we don't live cloer to each other. Cameron also plays the piano and sings. I can just imagine how much fun our husbands would have at the piano. It isn't very often you find a man who is comfortable busting out in song in front of people.

    Third can I just say that I may or may not have taken 2 chairs out of someones trash last night. Also maybe a couple months ago I did the same thing with an end table. I just don't understand why people through great furniture away. I love redoing things. It is an obsession I know. What keeps me reigned in is I don't have anywhere to put all of the furniture I find. I guess I could sell it but I don't know who would buy it. I went to Goodwill yesterday scored some of the best stuff by far. I can't wait to see your table redone it's going to look amazing!

  14. It has total potential! I found an "awesome" table at DI for $10 and when I was done with it, my husband asked me where I bought it and how much I spent. (He didn't see the "before"). It was great!


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