Thrifty Picture Frame Craft & Other Finds

For our young womans church activity a few nights ago, we made some personalized picture frames for our Mom's for Mother's Day!
I don't think I'm actually going to give this one to my Mom, but we had lots of extra unfinished $1 frames from Michaels, so I jumped in on the fun, and made this perfectly purple picture frame!
So nice to do a crafty "small" project. LOL.

I just painted the picture frame deep purple, sanded the edges, cut out some great paper, and glued it to the frame.
I made this cute little flower by cutting little circles (from the opposite side of the paper) crumpling them up, and then layering them together.  I needed a flower punch, but didn't have one.... this was my solution. lol
Then I took some light blue embroidery thread and sewed a button through the paper layers...  and then glued the whole thing on the frame.
I also glued on this cute strand of pearls, around the inside.  Just gave it a little touch of texture! 

Is it so dumb how something so little can make you so happy? lol.
I kept looking at this frame today and thought... "Ooo!  That's so cute!"
I think I'm really drawn to the purple color, since I don't usually use it.  It's just... different.

K... here are my fun thrifty finds.
This OH SO CUTE chicken wired basket was found at the Salvation Army, for .50 cents!
Didn't have to do ANYTHING to it! Woo-hoo!
I'm still trying to figure out what the heck to put in it, once these rose balls retire...
any suggestions?  I already have all those cute balls in that apothecary jar, next door... so more decorative balls are kinda out...

Do you LOVE this plate!  I do, I do!
I got it from Pier One Imports...
I KNOW, right!?  They are usually SO overpriced and have kinda TOO funky stuff for my taste, but this plate was RIGHT on the money!
Only $5.00.  Nice!
I love the color AND design.

This last one is actually JUST the lamp shade.  I needed one for this cute lamp, that I'm thinking of putting on the entryway table.  And found this great shaped one at Salvation Army for only $1.00.
( it says $5.00 but the lady only charged me a buck!... whatever. lol)
I plan on trying some fabric covering techniques here.... I'm a bit nervous and def. need to google THAT! :)
It can't be TOO hard right?  It's just a simple shape!?

Okay... well... Have a good weekend everyone!
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Love that frame...and the bird plate. I've found some really cute little white tulip saucers and tiny bowls there.

    You have a STUNNING smile, girl!

    :) Laura

  2. great finds! cute frame! you should stop over! i just did a post on a cute frame i created for a customer! i hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

  3. oh ya! i forgot to tell you that i love that picture of you!

  4. Everything is FANTASTIC! LOVE that basket, and you totally scored on the lamp. Ohhh and that plate and the picture frame.

    I have discovered that at Salvation Army it is all about the cashier. I definitely have my favorites.

  5. Very cute frame. Fun activity for your young women to create for mothers day!

    Have a wonderful mothers day your self!

  6. I LOVE that picture of you! I just saw those frames yesterday and thought that they could be so cute, I love what you did!
    The lamp shade is SO easy to cover!! Check out Jen's tutorial on Tatertots, that is where I figured out how to do mine..just fabric and a glue gun! :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!

    Btw, I finished the block and it turned out SO cute, I'll send you a pic this week..

  7. Darling picture of you, you have the best smile!! My family rules are finally done and the black scrolly thing turned out perfect! Thanks again!
    Lisanne Pepper

  8. Hey girl you can go on www.thediydish.com and they have an episode you can watch on covering lamp shades with fabric. Check it out it's a cool website.. I love your site and have enjoyed checking out your post... Great job on all the projects you have done.. We are currently working on our house and your site has inspired me.. Have a great Mother's day...

  9. Hey you should check out www.thediydish.com and they have a clip you can watch on how to do fabric covered lamp shades. Your blog is great and has inspired me to do more to my house. I have 3 kids and work full time so I can relate on doing it one space at a time.. Keep up the great work.. Thanks... Have a great Mother's Day..

  10. Great finds and cute picture frame! Funny you got a lampshade because I just bought a lamp at SA to refinish. I once covered a lampshade with fabric for my daughter's nursery and it wasn't as easy as it looks (because it had a print on it). Good luck! Can't wait to see the tutorial.

  11. You found some great stuff! You could put pine cones in the basket.

  12. i just had to click on this link and comment because YOU ARE SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS! that may sound very odd and a bit creepy... but dont worry... i am no wierdo...i just am so jealous of your Photogenic~ness.... you GLOW! i think that girls can be catty and dont compliment eachother enough...so i just had to leave this comment for ya! have a great day~ rachelle

  13. I love that frame! I am really in love with the paper you used on it. I need to find some. Not that I need more paper...but maybe I do!

  14. Yay...I just bought the bird plate too from pier 1. LOVE IT! I'm a new follower =)


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