Yard of the Month & Mom and Dad's Daybreak Home

Ya... I pretty much jumped out of our moving "swagger' wagon" when I pulled up and saw this sign in  my Dad's yard.
I was jumping around... and giggling and SO PROUD all at the same time!

If any of you know my Dad... then this isn't a shocker at all!
It might be safe to say (sorry Dad) that ALL of my OCD's are from him. :)

Just take a look at his garage/workshop/extra storage space!!!

(((sigh))).... we're saving up to buy the lumber, so my Dad can build us some of these shelves, and a workbench in our garage.

This man doesn't have ONE weed in his yard!
He's brought this yard a LONG way... since they first bought this house in Daybreak, about a year and a half ago.



We LOVE Daybreak, it has such amazing homes, views and it's really It's own little community! I'm so glad my parents moved here, after coming back from California :)

This is a view from the street... of their back yard.
They have a fire pit, and a great patio.
We've made some awesome memories in this open backyard.
It's the first place my kids run to, when we go over.

In the front of the house, my Dad has rigged up some suspension cables to keep this great plant growing up around the house...
Making the front have more greenery and color!
He's such a handy guy :)

These photos are from last summer when Me and the girls stayed with my parents, while Cason was away at work.
That seemed like only yesterday!... hmmm... if we only knew then... what we know now. LOL

(here's a photo of us, that we sent to our Dad the month or so he was gone)

The front door at my parents house was this ugly two tone burnt and bright orange color, when they bought it!

I had to get my hands on that thing... ASAP. lol
So my Dad busted out the black paint... and I did what I do best... 
brought a little decor and vinyl.... :)

and ta-da!

Anyhoo... the point of this post is to say... CONGRATS Dad, on the
Job well done... as ALWAYS! :)


  1. oh my goodness! what a beautiful yard! and i love the backyard fireplace! i want one! and that garage! can he come organize my garage? hehe! congrats to your dad! he deserves it!

  2. Wow, huge difference from a year ago. You sure have the drive like your dad! I love his organized garage. Maybe he should do a blog on his organizing and his love for keeping a yard looking so pretty! He seems like a great guy!

  3. This cracks me up! It is my MIL's dream to move to Daybreak. Her actual house isn't that far away. Every time I go out to Utah for a visit, she takes me to look at model homes in Daybreak. I think her hope is that if she can get me to fall in love with a house in Daybreak, I'll force her son to move there and we'll bring the grandkids along?!?! I admit though, some of those houses are really terrific. I think I've been in the model for your parents' home, and it is one of my favorite floorplans EVER. Next month, when MIL takes me home shopping again, I'll watch for the yard of the month!

  4. Congrats to your dad! It goes looks amazing.

  5. I am IN love with your dads garage....I LOVE IT!!!!!!! That's heavenly!!!!
    Beautiful yard!

  6. That looks fantastic!!! I soooo love Daybreak...it's such a beautiful community.

  7. Yayness for your Dad. Also for you on the door!


  8. Congrats to your dad! And what a pretty yard! I love the door too!

  9. Awesome yard! I love the fire pit. Our yard is a jungle. We are having a hard time taming it, mostly do to lack of funds and an abunance of weeds. Your door makeover is so nice and inviting.

  10. Oh Dad...thank you for making us all neat freaks. I showed this to Bud and now he knows why I can't sleep in on Saturday mornings and I always have to have a project to do. Love it!

  11. i love me some Daybreak! my hubby landscaped all the Liberty Homes' yards. He was there landscaper. we love playing therea few times a week!

    your dad deserves that reward! it looks GREAT!

  12. NOW we know where you get your amazing sense of style from!!! Big Congrats to your Dad. That is awesome! I love that fire pit. I showed it to my husband and told him that SOMEDAY when we address the OUTSIDE of our house, I want him to build one! I love it. Your girls are too cute. I love how one of the twins is trying to lap up water from the sprinkler. Adorable.

  13. Congrats to your dad!!!! That is one beautiful front yard. He def deserves that honor!!! It is so sweet to see how proud you are of your dad and how loved your dad is by you.

    Please tell him his purple flowers really make the house pop. Great choice!!!

    I love your blog. It is so cozy and nice. I love that you care so much about your family. I feel very much at home reading your happy little blog!!!

    I am definitely a follower of your blog!!!


  14. Beautiful yard! I am moving to Daybreak soon and can't wait! Our friends live there and wanted to paint their house and were sick of waiting for approval so they just did it! And, they didn't get in trouble. I mean really, what are they gonna do? Kick them out? LOL.

  15. what a prize of a dad you have! such a beautiful home to make all your memories. congrats dad on your very deserving award!

  16. Hi there!

    I stumble upon your blog today and I'm SO HAPPY I did! We are Smith's too! Love what I've seen so far and can't wait to browse thourhg more.

    Love your exterior re-do. What a beautiful job you did! You guys are GOOD!

    So happy to find you.

    Starview Sonnet

  17. I seriously run past your Dad's house every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Ahhhh! Now I'll think about you every time I run by! Small world! Camille :)

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