Wounded for Halloween

{Halloween'in is some dangerous Biz-nass!}
I'm DONE! :)
Done with my Halloween guest post on eighteen25.
Can I just do the happy dance now?
no... don't worry you don't have to endure another crazy dance video....
 I'm just speaking figuratively here, tonight.
I have to say that I walked out THRILLED with the outcome of everything...
But not without a battle wound...

I sliced my hand on the tip of a chipped vase.
ya... this picture doesn't do it justice... I guess I should have let the blood drip down my arm and THEN have taken the picture...
ugh... now I look like a wimp....
Whatever.. It HURTS!  And I totally have a band aid on it now, so its......
preeeetty serious.
***Side note:  totally just noticed that Jocey is LITERALLY holding up the band aid FOR ME
in the picture below. LOL LOL.  oh, I love my girls!  Just like their Momma.  They HATE blood!***
Anyway, I'm really excited with how everything looks, and it's KILLING me not to show you ALL my hard work!
We have to wait till the 13th!?? jeesh! 

Pretty much, I just wanted to say... This is about the ONLY "bloody/gore-ish"
type photos you'll see in MY kinda
Halloween posts. lol.

The End
Just needed to share my bloody sliced hand picture.
Continue on with what you were doing.
G'night... :)


  1. gnarly! LOL. I can't wait until the 13th!! yay!

  2. OUCH! That looks killer. I'm so glad you got a band-aid. hehehe Can't wait to see the halloween guest post. :) Goodnight

  3. Ouch!! Even though it doesn't look like a very big cut, it looks deep. And it is in such an awkward place - lots of movement there - so definitely painful, I am sure! :( My girls are big on bandaids too. I put one on each of them just this morning! Not that the 2-yr old actually HAD a cut... LOL

    Heal quickly!

  4. The things we go through! All in the name of crafting!! Not even going to go there!!! Can't wait to see!!

  5. Just think Shelley, the blood is an added extra to your cool project for Halloween. How sweet is Jocey? Love it... Can't wait to see what you have come up with this time :-)

  6. i'm so sorry you got injured. :(
    i got a peek at your halloween goodness and i am in LOVE!! thanks for being a part of our fun.

  7. OUCH!! Can't wait to see what you did!!! :)

  8. wow blood!I told you to put that bloody finger in the jar not bloody your hand. And no you can't have my wood thing! lol

  9. Thats a great dedication and effort. It means you established a successful halloween. But i cant wait to see what you did. Just be careful.


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