Trampoline Assembly; A Toy is Born!

{We've just been Bouncin' Around, over here}

So, the girls got a trampoline for their birthday, back in February.
Cason was DYING to get them one.
I thought it would be fun too.  But secretly dashed downstairs and googled something similar to this...

Yes... I'm THAT parent.
Sue me.


Don't worry, I'm not going to post a DIY tutorial, on how to assemble a trampoline.
I just wanted to document how excited, and involved all these chicks were, to get the ball rolling on their new "toy".

Really, from start to finish, these girls were helping every step of the way.
It was so fun to see them THAT excited about something that they get to do ALL the time at Cason's parents house. ha!
I guess it's different, when you have your OWN trampoline to jump on, eh?

The tedious part was pulling all those springs tight!  My arms and chest STILL hurt!
If you've assembled your own tramp, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
It's okay though, because it was totally worth it.
The girls jumped for a full hour, after that thing was all done.
I don't know what it is about trampolines, but as soon as you get me on one, I can't stop laughing!
At first Cason thought it was funny.  But now he just gives me that,
 one eyebrow up/stank look, when I can't stop.  Which in turn makes me laugh even harder ... ???
It doesn't matter what mood I'm in ... I just can't stop giggling.
Maybe it's that I know I'm officially "too old" for jumping like a kid,
or that I feel "extras" bouncing around that shouldn't
(and I'm not talking about the GOOD kinds) ...
Or MAYBE it's just the fact that I know, if I bounce one too many times, I'll spontaneously pee my pants, from the lack of bladder control that I possess now, due to having multiple children.


I said it.

And you just stop judging me!  You KNOW what I'm talking about.

Anyway, Moral of the story...

Trampolines are pricey.
But they are fun.
They keep my kids entertained for hours,
and are worth every penny.

We're like, the coolest parents around, for getting our kids one... right?

PS.  I never had one growing up, and always wish I had ... hence the "cool" factor, I'm speaking of. lol

Hold on...
Does putting up the giant, obstruction of a net, 
AKA: "kid keeper", lessen my cool factor now?
eek! Hope not.
hee hee, jk

I definitely know that if anything... the "net" keeps me and Cason OUT.
Not because we DON'T want to jump, but because squeezing through that tiny opening feels as much like being birthed as I would ever want to experience,
ever again!
I'm sure it looks just about as pleasant as it feels.  Nothing like body spasming through a trampoline net opening, in front of your children, and potential peeping neighbors.

Lesson learned.  Trampolines are for kids.


  1. love this post.. and you are definately the coolest parents! (even if you put the tent on it. hah)
    i can't wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy these things!

    i laughed all the way through your post... especially the loss of bladder control. no one ever speaks of it, but we all know too well about it. hah!

    so glad that your girls are enjoying bouncin around.. probably makes for easy bed time at night!

    keep up the great work. you are such an inspiration not only as a crafter/do-it-yourselfer but as a mother too!


  2. looks like a lot of fun! This post reminds me of the post I just made over at frostedhappycupcakes.blogspot.....cookie monster tutorial. Trampolines and sesame street characters, pretty much sums up childhood. If only adults were as easily pleased by such simple things :)

  3. I bet the girls love it! And I'm sure you love just letting them out there to jump for hours! I had one growing up and my sister and I were on it ALL THE TIME!

    My parent's just bought my nephew one for Christmas and the last time I was at my sister's we tried to do all the tricks we used to do. A LOT HARDER than it used to be! lol

  4. LOL.. You should have those "waivers" ready. I broke both my legs at the SAME TIME on the trampoline when I was 10. Still petrified to do anything on them. I freak out and sit if anyone tries to bounce me from the side or get on with me. Our neighbor did a back flip on ours and landed IN the springs and cut himself in his "manly" parts. They are a LOT of fun, but can be very dangerous. At least it gets their energy out right :)

  5. ha ha ha , hey kudo's for helping with the springs. I have tried it before, couldn't do it. And the trampoline does seem the greatest entertainment for kids. We put a sprinkler under ours in the summer. The kids love it. And we've had it for years. And it's still enjoyed even in rainy, or somewhat rainy weather... Enjoy! And welcome to the cool parent club!

  6. Hi Shelley :)

    Well, my first thought was, what on earth is a trampoline waiver, so I googled it. So have I got this correct, you would have a form that you get your kid's friends or their parents to sign before they are allowed on your trampoline? Wow. I have never heard of such a thing. In New Zealand we can't sue other people for stuff like that, which I think is a great thing, we have a really comprehensive Government Department called Accident Compensation Corporation that covers things like that.

    My second thought was, omg she doesn't have a safety net on that thing, so was pleased to see it when I scrolled down!

    We have a trampoline very similar to yours, with a safety net and pads, and the kids only actually play on it when they have friends here. I'd like to get rid of it, because after 3 years the safety net has all but perished, and to buy a new one, well we may as well buy a whole new trampoline! Plus it is an eyesore in our small backyard.

    Wow I sound like a grump.

    But I did laugh at the bladder control thing. I totally know what you are talking about, lol!

    xx Karen

  7. This is so fun! I have to agree, I think "kid toys" bring out the kid in all parents! I mean, who hasn't played with their kids' toys while they are in bed? Or has gotten giddy when they open a Christmas present because it was the same thing you had as a kid or wanted as a kid? Ha! You jump on that tramp and love every second of it! (PS - I totally want to come over and play!)

  8. Lol..cute! Your girls must be so super excited..and yes you are the cool parents on the block for sure! :)

  9. Oh lol. I'm laughing all my "extras" off right now! Because I know exactly what you're talking about!!! Oh, what we do for our kiddies! Love it. :)

  10. ...So did you find a waiver? I'm having a really hard time balancing my coolness against my inner reasonableness when protecting my personal liability. It's hard, because man - I really want to be cool. And I'd like to be able to send all 5 of them out to a bouncy cage while I make dinner.

  11. You are too funny and your kids are way too cute. My hubby would totally give me that same look. I always wanted a trampoline growing up but we had a huge swimming pool and all my Momma could see was us jumping into the pool from the tramp. We TOTALLY would have too.


  12. LOVE it!

    I just had to comment because we just purchased that same trampoline for our kiddos (our oldest turned 6 in Feb) and the first time I got on it and jumped around, I thought to myself, "hmmmm....I didn't think I needed to pee"! Haven't jumped on one since becoming a mommy and boy do ya have to be careful now...hahahaha

  13. Hi Shelly! We have a trampoline for our kids, too, and it is seriously the best investment. They play on it almost daily (even in rainy Western Washington state). It is great exercise. And you are too funny. For some unknown reason (not because I am such a great exerciser or whatever) I don't have the trampoline "problem" but I have many dear friends who do. Trust me, you are in fabulous company! You are right, though--trying to squeeze yourself through the net is not something you want anyone over the age of 5 to watch you doing LOL.

  14. Oh we love our trampoline!! I grew up on them and now my kids are.

    We want to dig a hole in the yard and put it in there because 1. I hate moving the thing when we have to mow and 2. a few of my kids/friends kids have fallen off.

    Also we want pour a concrete slab for it to sit on so it doesn't sink into the dirt and it helps control weeds.

    Have found with your new bouncy house! :)

    Rachel Berry

  15. You are too funny girl! I only get to have one little chick, but I totally relate to the bladder control issues. Nothing like doing a jumping jack for the first time after child birth. Hahahaha. ;)


    Hope your week has been fabulous!

  16. I love your honesty Shelley - I am a mom of 3 - a daughter and a set of twin boys and I know exactly what you and your bladder are facing... unfortunately :-) I am sure the trampoline will bring you many sleepy girls come bedtime :-) Looks like fun!!

  17. That is SO much fun! The kids love our trampoline and I love it because it keeps them entertained for hours. Plus it's great for an overnight camp out!

  18. Yes, any of us who have had children can totally relate to the spontaneous peeing of the pants!! However, I must say that having a sling put on my weak post-birth bladder was THE BEST surgery I've ever had!!! It was TOTALLY worth it. Really, it was!

    ANYWAY, you are just like me. I grew up always wishing for a trampoline, but never got one. I think our kids have had, and completely worn out, 3 of them. They have so much fun on them....and they don't even know they're excersing! I think we'll be buying our 4th one or at least repairing the 3rd sometime really soon.

  19. A friend of mine was worried about her kids getting hurt on her trampoline so she dug a hole deep under it and set the trampoline down into it. that way if the fell they were ground level and didnt get hurt. just a thought. ur kids look like they were having fun

  20. not gonna lie, i'm super duper jealous your kids got a tramp. man i wish i had one.

  21. I'm sure the girls will enjoy many hours of fun. Glad to see you took all the precautions!

  22. I know exactly what you mean about the spring's & bladder control, lol. You know your not the only one, my kids love getting me on our's & i so wish i could just jump away *sigh*

  23. I know what you mean! On all accounts! But your kids will LOVE it!

  24. I did a small feature of your blog! I just found you and love all of your ideas!

  25. My kids would DIE for a trampoline!! Our neighbors have one a few doors down and I told them they can go down there. LOL. (And yes, I do know what you're talking about. ;)

  26. i just love reading your blog everyday. your family is so cute!!!

  27. TOTALLY know what you mean about being the mommy on the trampoline! Just make sure to anchor it to the ground. Our trampoline got pick up in a bad rain storm and the frame bent in half. As for the "kid keeper" I don't think it lessens the cool factor at all! I made sure we had ours up before anyone could get on.

  28. That's funny, my mom is the same way. Her laughter is more like she's so unsure of the situation, the only thing she knows how to do is laugh. And if you keep her on there long enough, she pees. It is funny.

  29. Love it...great job Momma. You are definitely COOL!!! BTW- Love the longer locks!! xoxo

  30. I want a trampoline so bad! Travis doesn't. One of these days we will get one! It looks like sooooo much fun.

  31. We bought this exact tramp last summer for my kids birthday's. We love it! The kids come in tired and they sleep really well. We also love to jump on it with them.

  32. You are funny! I am laughing so hard right now! I TOTALLY know what you mean about the lack of bladder control! Ugh! Worst part about the post-baby body! :) Looks like your kids had a ball! How fun!

  33. I think our tramp is the #1, never-tired-of toy/activity around here. It just never gets old. And I laughed out loud at your pee comment because I've been saying for quite a while now that giving birth to four children has completely ruined my ability to jump on the tramp without peeing my pants! Glad to know I'm not alone :) Happy jumping!

  34. Dan assembled one in the middle of the night 2 summers ago and the kids fa-reeeked OUT when they woke up and saw it in the backyard! I won't get on it - and we have strict rules with it around here, my 2 kids are fine, but if other kids are over, it's 2 at a time. I don't want to be sued.
    Good times - you will love how busy it keeps them, how much energy they will use up on it and how fun it is on a hot summer day to lay in the grass underneath it and eat sno cones!

  35. You crack me up..we have a trampoline too and have a net on it too..my husband "the lawyer" insisted! We now have to replace it after a bad storm. I hoping ours we induce labor when I am ready! haha!

  36. haha loved this post! I remember jumping on the tramp a few months ago (trying to go into labor) and I yelled "MY WATER BROKE!" Nope definitely wasn't that... lol.

  37. You made me laugh so hard with this post...I don't even know you, but could totally hear you laughing as you bounce away! Thanks for the smile today...


  38. Totally get the bladder thing. Isn't it a little sad?
    I have put together my fair share of trampolines. (Family Biz.) They have spring pullers, which help, a little, but my forearms have never been buffer! ;)

  39. Oh how much fun!!! Super cool parents indeed! I always wanted a trampoline as a kid, heck I still do! haha!! :D
    All the best,
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  40. The net is def. a good idea. Even though it makes you not bounce as high... haha when I was a kid my brothers and I didn't have a net and we would double bounce each other and do back flips off the trampoline onto the grass... so I am lucky to not have broken my entire body! Good move!

  41. I saw you at The Quilted Bear today!! I was totally on my way to say HI, but you were having a little drama with a crying princess and I didn't want to interupt as you were walking away with her. =)

  42. Haha! This post made me laugh. Love it!
    We got our kids a trampoline a few years ago, net and all. I homeschool, so it's great to send the kids out for some P.E. time.
    Oh and I agree. Trampolines are definitely for kids!

  43. HAHAHAHA!!! I was cracking up the whole time..my boys are begging for one, but its my hubbie that is SO worried they'll hurt themselves!

  44. Thank you!! I can't hold my bladder on trampolines either. Even when I was young. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  45. I love our trampoline and have been known to assign 30 minutes of jumping on it as punishment when I know all they need is to blow off some steam. However I've decided I shared TMI with my kids (16, 14 & 14) when I caught one of the boys telling their friend "Mom doesn't jump on the tramp anymore because she is afraid her uterus will fall out." Yeah. Kids. Gotta love 'em. The urge to repeat the MOST embarrassing things you say doesn't go away anytime soon.

    Enjoy your tired girls!

  46. You are hilarious! I love reading your blog!

  47. I had a tramp when I was growing up and LOVED it! My parents dug a hole and put it in the ground which made it so much cooler. We would have reaces to the tramp have to jump and do a flip touch the other side and then run back. All while our dog chaced us. It was awesome your kids will love it!

  48. We got one for Christmas a couple of years ago and it was SO fun! We had it up without the net forever and it was so fun to use as a family, and then we moved to Texas and put the net up and the parents never got on it! Last month the net died and we have all enjoyed it again. It is time for a new net and a new cover so I think we will wait until next year and get a completely new one.

  49. Ha! I know exactly what you are talking about! My kids are always asking me to jump with them to which I reply...I just...can't!:)


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