Where Women Create Luncheon

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a lunch, at the oh-so-yummy Rooster restaurant
in Ogden, put on by Jo and Paige, from

Where Women Create, puts on the most craft-a-licous conference every year,
which is part of BlogHer Handmade this year!
Held in St. Paul, MN from Sept. 15th - Sept. 17th.
Guess who wants to go, more than anything? ...
(thumbs in the air, pointing directly at myself, over and over again...) lol
These are all the fabulous women that I had the chance to mingle with at Roosters ...

Margie from The Girls Paperie
Paige from Where Women Create
Brittany from One Charming Party
Kim and Kris from The DIYDISH
Tauni from It’s a Tradition
Alison from How Does She
Kari from UCreate
Angela from The Artists House
Jen, Jenny and Jayme from Making Memories
Meg from Brassy Apple
Carey from Little Cherry Blossoms

Paige and Jo are a powerhouse team.  It was so fun to tour the Where Women Create studio, and listen to Jo talk about all their successes and accomplishments in the world of creative magazine and book publishing.
Definitely a world that I had no IDEA was so fabulous, nor extremely time consuming!
Don't know how you do it all, ladies!
Kim and Kris (DIY Dish girls), me,  Kirstin (The Crafting Chicks) and her "date"
photo credit from The Crafting Chicks

It was really fun hanging out with, and getting to know better, all these great bloggers.  I am always so amazed, by the kind, giving nature of such talented women.

Thank you SO much Jo and Paige for putting together such a fun, social event!


  1. looks like you girls had a lot of fun!

  2. Looks like y'all have a ton of fun:) That studio looks awesome!

  3. I love Roosters!!! I always get their Sonoran wrap. mmmmm.

  4. What a beautiful bunch of ladies! I'm amazed that that much talent in one place didn't just collapse that staircase right under you all. :)

    Looks like a great time... I just drool over every issue of Where Women Create. Thanks for sharing!

  5. FUN! I want to go!! Meeting other bloggers makes me SO happy :)

  6. I want to go to this too. I am a painter and mix media painter . Been looking at this for awhile.

  7. Looks like fun! I got to meet the DIY Dish ladies last year and they are a hoot! (and look like Marie Osmond's long lost sisters!)

  8. Looks like such a great time!!

  9. How fun! I'm moving to Minnesota this summer, and totally want to go!

  10. can i just say.... why is kentucky so far away from utah?????? ive never even been to utah and i think its my second favorite state!! all those creative girls in one place - how fun :)))

  11. To the cutest couple ever,
    I Love you

  12. You lucky girl!!! That looks like a fun bunch to have lunch with. My daughters and I have followed many of these ladies' blogs! We are not as sophisticated in our blogging but we sure enjoy creating too. Thank you for being so great at sharing with us all in "creative web land".

    Drop by sometime at:

  13. Oh how fun!! Sometime when you blog about things like this it just makes me want to move to UT!! HEHE I don't know what my husband would think about it? HMMM Maybe I need to ask huh. Oh and that wall of ribbon just makes me giddy looking at it (through a picture no less) Crazy! Thanks for sharing!


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