The Colors of Easter 2011

I shared our family picture a few days back, that we took with our tripod for Easter, but I wanted to also share a few other pictures of the day, and how we celebrated it!

First...we MUST address the explosion of color, that was Our Family, that day. ha!  Normally I'm a soft pink, and white fan... but this year I wanted to go a little crazy with some bright, fun colors.
I had a few questions about where I got the girls's dresses.  I found them at Carters for 50% off :)

The tulips weren't a planned prop ...
They were actually just our pretty flowers out in the front of our house, but I guess they are, no more... Since they were abruptly picked by three curious kiddos, while waiting for their Mommy to get her camera... gah!

After church we headed over to my Mom's house for some fun activities, and to spend some time with our cousins!


After our great lesson from Grandma Kim, it was time to hunt for eggs.
The kids had a BLAST!  Screaming, giggling and running around like crazies!
Grandma and Great Grandma did an awesome job filling eggs with lots of different goodies.
I love to snap pictures of these cousins together, because they always have the best time.

Especially these two chicks...
They KILL me. LOL.  They are T.R.O.U.B.L.E, when they get together, so I died laughing when I got this picture of them, (guarding their eggs) and the expressions on their little faces. ha!

Anyway... lol,
  It was a really great day!  There's nothing better then hangin' with family


  1. Lurker here......Love your shares, they start my mornings off so nice. Adorable family, I Love the big smiles you always have on. Blessings, Lori m

  2. seriously so cute. those girls are going places in live with all the good looks, and sassy attitudes. LOVE. IT.
    You look gorg Shelley...as per usual! I don't know how you always look SO good!

  3. Obviously a wonderful day!!! Everyone looks adorable and the flowers died for a worth cause :)


  4. So cute! I got my girls the tunic style top in the same material as your girls' dresses. I heart Carters!

  5. So cute! Love the faces!!! Smart to # the eggs.

  6. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous family! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter!

    Ps--I adore your blog. So many great ideas on here (and I apparently think I need to do them all!) I totally painted my own chevron rug using your tutorial. Once I post it, I'll let you know!

  7. I love all the colors and the matching dresses! Reminds me of when I was little and my sister and I would have matching Easter dresses! What a beautiful family!


  8. cuteness. you have such an adorable little family. i love it. thanks for sharing your day with us!

  9. Love your girls' dresses! Those colors are way too fun!!!

  10. I love these sweet pics, looks like you had an amazing Easter!

  11. Those dresses are so cute - but really you whole family is just darling!

  12. aww the pictures are so darling...

  13. Love the bright colors. The last pic cracks me up!

  14. CUTE! Love the pictures. Even the one of mwa.Thanks for the airbrush touch ;)lol. Relaxation just around the corner!

  15. your tripod pics are way more fun than my sit on the couch and wait for the beep pics! lol

  16. Gah! I miss you guys. I wish we lived closer.

  17. I love your blog I just started to read these when I actually found out women do this probably this winter and since then we have redone 4 rooms in our house thank you for changing my life I was stuck in primitiveland before this. Your girls are beautiful the pictures are amazing thanks, Karen Sunday

  18. My daughter and I were oohing and aahing over your precious little ones, and both exclaimed at the same time, "The mom's so pretty!" Blessings :)


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