Real Time Weekend

{Real Time Weekend}

Remember that one time, when I started a blog called "The House of Smiths" and I had all these cool finished projects to post on it!?
And then... remember how after about a year or so, I started running out of
"pre-done" projects to post about and how "REAL TIME" caught up? ... And now my readers have to wait patiently for us to get our booty's into gear, so that they can see the newest fun things we've been working on?

You do?  You remember?... And you're cool with it?

Oh good... whew.


Thanks for being patient with us.  We've actually been working hard on things today.

Even Aubrielle is working on stuff!
When I finally FOUND her, in the mess ... formally known as "The Basement"
We had this conversation:

"Aubrie??? Wha'da doin' girl?"
Her response...
"Oh, nuff-in'.  Just workin' on my z-mails, in my 'magination box"

hee hee. "Z-mails" 
PS.  She was really playing a Dora game on her Leapster. ha!

Expect things soon.
BIG things!
okay, not too big.  I don't want there to be anyone disappointed. lol
Just know that... 
whoo hoo!
And yes, Cason is wearing THAT apron. hee hee.
whatever works, right?
I remember when the girls made these for me and their
Grandmas for mothers day, about 3 years ago.

Lesson Learned:
Fabric paint does NOT come off sidewalks, without a fight.

See like I was tellin' ya before...Not ONLY older, but WISER too!
lol. jk


  1. I say leave it on the sidewalk for posterity. ;) Can't wait to see your latest projects (so I can wish I had the talent and energy to do the same)!

  2. I so know the feeling. We have so many projects going on, but none yet completed (or enough to show). Can't wait to see what you've been up to. Loving the subway art...so want to create one of those.

  3. oh seriously, z-mails. I want to start calling them that just bc it's way cooler sounding. Little trendsetter!
    YAY for getting things done!!!!!!!! Go team go team go go go team!! hurrah!

  4. I love to read your blog, and I'm always excited to see a new post, even if it isn't something you've gotten done around the house. You guys are so brave to paint on top of your counter top like that! :) I can't wait to see what big things you have coming to show us!

  5. I love your personality! I am always impressed at what you get done. And you look so cute working around the house!

  6. Oh girl do I ever wish I had your creativity and motivation! Oh and energy too!
    Looks like y'all are busy bees!


  7. You must have the sweetest husband on the planet. Your family is adorable and inspiring. I hope you count your blessings every day and take it all in before they are grown and married. Love your blog so much.

  8. Can't wait to see what you have done! And no, I don't remember those days....I wasn't around then so I'm used to being patient! ;) THAT, and that's how my whole life is. Waiting for the REALLY exciting things in life to happen =) Like...ya know...getting my daughter home from Ethiopia =)

  9. yay for being productive! I love all the work you've done on your place! I'm definitely gaining a whole lot of inspiration!

  10. Hi just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award, so head on over and check it out and accept! Love your blog!

  11. yay! can't wait to see the new bathroom! :)

  12. what is the significance of the addresses in vinyl? are those all the places you have lived or just random (though I doubt it) street names in Utah?

  13. Love it!! Thanks for ALWAYS making me laugh...look forward to seeing your big stuff cuz we all know it will be big(awesome) and beautiful! Have a great week

  14. I love all your projects you have done so far! I was wondering what color is on the wall in the very first picture above the door?

  15. Great post! Get workin girl!

  16. You know...a part of me is cool not knowing what's up your crafty, stylish sleeve next. It seems each day I come here (yep - every day reader, right here!) you've come up with something else I must try! The list is very, very long. It makes my husband nervous because he knows he's the muscle.

    Then again I'm so curious to see how that bathroom turns out - it looks like it'll be amazing! I'm torn! Ha ha!


  17. Okay....I'm excited to see how things are going. I've been anxiously awaiting your gallery wall of family photos in ikea frames!Your bathroom is going to look fabulous too.I'm kinda the same way. I posted my upholestered headboard part one wayyyyy back in February. It's April and life seems to have gotten in the way. Also, I've been working on stenciling my bathroom wall, but this tiny little print is slow moving..why didn't I go with wallpaper again????


  18. Yay for getting things done! Somehow I always get distracted and never finish. You are my motivation to finally finish my projects (I am giving myself by the end of the year).

    By the way did you ever post the finished photo wall? I remember you had bought lots and lots of white IKEA frames and you were marking the walls to see where the frames would go. I would love to see it. Can you say nossy?

  19. I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve! You're always inspiring me!


  20. Love your blog!
    You are such a creative person, love your DIY projects as well;)
    I`m you latest follower!
    Please come and visit my blog too, stay a while and maybe follow me back;)


    Lovely greetings and big hugs from Germany...;)

  21. Ok, so this is totally blog-stalkery, but if those addresses are places you've lived, we either are, or have been neighbors in Riverton. What a small world! Cute projects!



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