Wednesday Thoughts: Spring Fever + Funnies

eh, I don't know about lust... but you get the idea... LOL

Today, it looks like this:

But only a few days before THAT ... We were doing this:
(yes, those ARE grocery bags around their ankles... lol... no boots at G&Gpa's?... Improvise!)

I just hope it stays MORE like the first picture, the rest of this week.
I'd like to have a few consecutive days full of sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine...
Here are a bunch of great things, brightening up my Wednesday!

Talented bloggers and customers sharing their projects that they've done with vinyl that they have order from me!


 [click for next photo]

photo via Shannon

photo via Julie

photo via Jennifer

Reading about some of my favorite mommy bloggers,
 in Kami's "5 things I love about being a Mom" series!
(I wrote up my own 5 reasons that I love being a Mom for Kami's feature. 
So be sure to follow along there, if you're interested in what I had to say!)

Jen's ridiculously nice award and post, that I received today :)

Summer inspired dinners.
Simple, yummy, and colorful!

Hilarious babies on youtube that make me laugh! :)

I don't know about any OTHER Utah peeps, but I'm up for a FULL WEEK of fabulous warm sunshine and springy weather!

Here's hoping that you're all having lots of bright spots in YOUR day today!


  1. your girls are beyond cute! just want to squeeze them!

  2. We always put trash bags around our shoes when it snowed at the grandparents house too! Glad I am not the only one! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much for the video share. I haven't laughed that hard in a while and really needed it! Thanks for passing on the love!

  4. Where did you get the cute shirts the twins are wearing?

  5. Happy Spring to you! Thanks for the photos.

  6. My mom totally has done the grocery bag thing too!!! HAHA Love it. And that bubble video Made me LAUGH!! I love little kids! And your girls are so cute and love the little taste of Spring that we're getting just hope that it stays sometime soon!!

  7. I watched the first video you posted with my 4 month old daughter. I thought maybe she would laugh or at least enjoy seeing another baby. I was wrong....she totally cried. :) Whoops!

  8. I dunno...I think "lust" might sound reasonable when you live up here in the dreary pacific northwest! LOL! I'm definitely lusting for sunshine of any kind right now...and yep - snow in the forecast! YUCK!


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