Memorial Day Shopping!

Happy Memorial Day weekend folks!
I had to drop in to share with you the two fabulous places that are having sales this weekend, if you are a local, here in the SLC Utah area, that you WON'T want to miss!  Jen and I had a blast shopping around on Friday, to get the best picks of everything... but believe me, there were still TONS of deals and great items to be had!  :)

First... the annul Memorial Day antiques and more sale that my Sister in Law introduced me to last year, during our pantry remodel.  Probably the sale I look forward to the MOST each year :)

 Here is some more information about this sale:

Bill Alder collects antiques and orders in from China for an entire year and then has a HUGE garage sale every Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, Saturday and Monday. It opens at 8:00. His address is 1650 East 10600 South in Sandy. It is on the south side of the road and you can park in the lot east of his house or the dirt area to the North of his house. He doesn't have a website or anything like that to refer to but it is a sale worth checkin' out!

Jen and I found some GREAT stuff!  I Even found that specific little piece I was looking for, that I mentioned in this post :)

The other awesome sale that is going on, I believe at ALL stores, for the next few days, is the DownEast Tent Event Sale!
We ALL know how much I love them, right!?  With their name brand prices, such as Pottery Barn, Restoration hardware, and JCrew, for about a quarter of the price ... their stores are a no brain-er for me.
That's where we got our couch, coffee table, mirror, and more!
Well, during this time of year, they have their annul Tent sale, where everything "under the tent" is 60% - 90% off!  whooo hooo! :)
Jen picked up a coat for $5.00, and I snagged a tall, mini white hutch for $100.00.

I actually found out about the tent sale through following DownEast on twitter.
They always post their sales and great new arrival furniture on there under: @DownEastHome.

Alright, now that you're clued in on all of my shoppin' hot spots, this Memorial Day, get out there and find some great stuff!
Happy shopping ladies!


  1. so does that mean that each downEast store has their own test sale? I live by the one in the District. Is there a tent there? I want to get in on those great deals!

  2. Thanks for the info! Hoping I can make it to at least one--if not both--of these sales!

  3. Shelley! you should have blogged about this early. I totally would have been there on Friday at 8! Oh Well, I will try to remember for next year. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Okay, I have to say that I love love love the picture of jen with the Cruiser Bicycles! I have been looking for one that I can use at the beach house but no luck! {I won't buy unless it's a deal} :)

  5. I see his sale every year going my mom's house and my dad's grave. I need to stop one of these years! There are ALWAYS a ton of people are cars there.

  6. Does this garage sale still happen every year? I know this is an old post but I'd love to go check it out this year!


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