Blogher Conference

What? Shelley at a blogging conference?... That's new!
hee hee...  jk

I wanted to share a few of my Blogher 2011 photos with you because it was an absolute blast! First of all... who KNEW San Diego was completely gorgeous, fun, has perfect weather and is a 24/7 party town!?
I didn't, but now I do... and I LOVE IT!
I started off the trek to Blogher with Jenn and Heather. We made the 12 hour car ride with snacks and great music in tow. It was actually a LOT of fun being able to chat about everything and nothing for as long as we wanted. It made the time fly by. 
Heather had some meetings that she needed to attend, and we were quite early to the conference the next day, so we did some shopping and met up with my sister and cute niece, who had just moved to the area, for some delicious fish tacos and some Pinkberry frozen yogurt.
Can you say Salted Caramel with heath bar and brownie??? Oh.My.Gosh
Ah-mazing! Yes, it was my FIRST Pinkberry and now I'm hooked!

After Jen and I said our goodbyes, we headed to the conferences sponsor hall to meet some of our favorite people...


hee hee. Just kidding.
But really, how can I NOT take these photo opps? When I come home with pictures like this, my kids think that their Mom has the "COOLEST job ever!!!" ha!

Honestly, during Blogher I was able to finally connect more with some really fabulous ladies. Like Rhoda, Heather, and Amy & Angie to name a few.

It was even quite embarrassing to be approached by people in this fashion...

LOL LOL LOL... I kid, I kid. This accidental picture just cracked me up.
It was actually quite the opposite. I'm pretty sure that I bulldozed Miss Amy and Angie when we first met. I've been a LONG time "I heart faces fan"

At Blogher there is something going on every minute and there were lots of fabulous sponsors who were throwing fun parties, events and challenges!

Rhoda took part in the Knorr cooking challenge, and I was invited, along with about 20 other bloggers to take part in the Lowe's Creative Ideas challenge! It was really fun and Lowe's even put together a short little video so that we could share our creative frenzy with our readers back home. Check it out!

And if we weren't having tons of fun already, we rounded out our amazing Blogher weekend with the ever-impressive Queen Bee Market.
These talented handmade vendors and their amazing products came out in droves! If you haven't had a chance to experience The QBM in person, then you're definitely missing out.

I snagged this cute slingbag from April @ the Marine Parents booth. I LOVE the adorable flower, fabric colors and the fact that it's got an adjustable strap!

All in all, Blogher 2011 was a fantastic time, and TOTALLY worth the loooong 24 total hours of driving. The opportunities that you have to meet all of these like-minded women who are thriving in this crazy-wonderful blogging industry is truly amazing. All of the stories, talents, and knowledge that spill from each blogger honestly never ceases to amaze me.


  1. It was like seriously awesome to meet you!!! We rocked the Lowe's challenge.

  2. That looks like a fabulous time! And I wish I was at the Queen Bee Market!

  3. Alright Shelley, one of these days you are going to have to show us how you take all those amazing shots including yourself in the photo! Wow!

  4. So so fun! One of these days......sigh...

  5. that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! maybe if i ever get my blog to the next level i'll go to something like this?! I can't even imagine how much fun you must have had!!!!!! (& that sling bag is so stinkin' CUTE!!)

  6. yes, san diego is *almost* always as wonderful as it was that weekend. the perfect place to live. i'm bummed i missed you at the queen bee market! i spy my prints in the top right corner of your collage [i am a vendor]! how fun! hope you had a great time out here :) we'd love to have you back anytime.

  7. Looks like a great time! I'll get to a conference one day -- it's on my official bucket list!

  8. What a fun recap!!! It was so fun being with you. You are my favorite-st person ever.

    Love ya!!!!!!


  9. How FUN!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! :)

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! Yay! I LOVE San Diego. If you live there, they charge a sunshine tax. Yep. Perfect weather costs money!!! We were there 6 weeks ago and actually drove back on the 70 through Utah, CO etc back to North Carolina. At least the drive is pretty :)

  11. yay! I thought I was THE last person to write a BlogHer recap! still not done, ha! I am SO glad I could meet you and Jen! I bought Mia a little backpack from Marine Parents at the QBM :D

  12. It was so great meeting you and Jen at the QBM! Remember me, the stalker....I mean fan, that told you you were both ROCK STARS! I'm still planning on making that chevron carpet, BTW.

    You were both so incredibly sweet and beautiful! Thank you for taking our picture with my Iphone...because I obviously don't have good skills;)

  13. Looked like a total blast, and what a great excuse for a trip to lovely San Diego! Thanks for sharing!

    Betsey at b.bar

  14. Thank you SO much for mentioning QBM on this post. So sweet! It was great to meet you Shelley!


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