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A few months ago I put a "help message" out on our Facebook page, asking anyone local who they would recommend for an affordable, thorough window cleaning for our home. I got a few responses, but didn't really follow through, because I was scared of the time commitment, price, and well... quite frankly, our windows had NEVER been cleaned before and I was a bit embarrassed at their current condition. I thought that between the hard water stains and the paint over-spray from our basement construction 2 years go, that our windows were hopeless. So a few weeks ago when Fish Window Cleaning contacted me to see if I would do a review of their services and cleaning foam, I jumped at the opportunity! :)

I don't know how many of you actually get your houses' windows cleaned regularly, but let me tell you, it's TOTALLY PAINLESS! Fish came out, walked around my house, gave me an estimate...and then came back about a week later to actually do the cleaning on my windows.

Do you want to know the BEST part about the window cleaning service? Their price includes cleaning the SCREENS! Whaaaa!? That's crazy-awesome!

If you can ignore my dirty window well coverings, check out how great our Fish tech did on scraping all of this paint over-spray off! I seriously went at that dumb window with an SOS pad for like an hour one day and STILL couldn't get all that paint to budge. Then the Fish people come in, whip out their special glass-scraper-thingy and  clean it all up in no time flat!

I'm a bit embarrassed about this one, but while we were putting in our backyard last Summer our kids would stand at this spot in the living room and press their little faces and mucky hands against our big picture windows.
Oh wait...what? Did she just say... LAST Summer? Like over a YEAR ago?
Yup. You read that right. I guess I didn't realize how bad our windows really were, until it was time to actually pull up the blinds and clean them. (ya, we're gross like that)
PS. Don't you hate when your windows are SO clean that your white furniture reflects in the glass, making it almost impossible to get a non-reflective photo for you blog post?...oh no? You don't?... yeah, me either :)

Seriously... This is ME, making a public service announcement:
You will freak over how big of a difference that it makes! I honestly almost feel too exposed, now that my windows are so crystal clear. haha! (weird I know) I'm not sure about other states, but Utah get's a ton of weather and after a few storms the windows really get a beating with the dust, dirt, and hard water stains. I don't think we realize the build-up that happens, until it's not there anymore.

All Fish window cleanings vary in price, and we don't have an excessive amount of windows... but let's just say our window cleaning for the outside, inside AND screens was under $130.00! That's an awesome price!

As I mentioned before, Fish also left me with some of their "Fish Foam" cleaner to try out. Two words... LOVE IT!...for a couple of reasons:

1. It's drip free - BEST invention EVER! My kids have used it a couple times now to clean their bathroom mirror. They can just spray the foam on, wipe it off and I don't have to go back behind them to sop up drips and puddles of blue liquid afterwards.
Self Sufficient Cleaning Kids = Happy Mom
Plus, it's great because I don't have to worry about product overspray getting on surfaces that I don't want it to. Like wood frames around mirrors, furniture or my decor.

2. It's alcohol based - I was clued-in that those other 'blue' window cleaners are wax based, so they constantly leave streaks behind. This definitely doesn't happen with the Fish Foam. It instantly cleans the glass, and then dries right up!

If you're looking into a great, affordable window cleaning for your homes windows, then I highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning. They are all OVER the country, with tons of locations in each state. If you're interested in trying out some Fish Foam window cleaner, then you can purchase that, easily, from the Fish Foam Store!

Happy, Shiny Thursday!


  1. This is awesome! I have some friends moving to Salt Lake City in a month or so... I will have to share this with them!!

  2. Come over to my house and clean my windows! haha!

  3. Very awesome! And they are in my area too!! I've been meaning to get our windows cleaned, so I will be giving them a call. Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. I was getting ready to say that you still had two spots left to clean on your "after" photo. Then I realized it was 2 spots on my monitor. Ha!

    Probably time for me to order some of this fish foam:)

  5. Sounds awesome! Now you should find someone who does gutter cleaning and review that. I am going to try Fish for my windows, but my gutters are getting pretty gross, too. I am terrified of heights, so I can't do it myself. But it's getting embarrassing (and dangerous!).

  6. Fish Window Cleaning also does gutter cleaning in addition to a few other services. They will clean your windows, mirrors, and light fixtures. They also clean chandeliers and ceiling fans. Give them a call, all estimates are free.


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