My Kids Ate Spinach!!!

This post has no rhyme or reason and not a single picture, so bear with me.
 I am just SO excited that I can't even contain myself.
Yes... it's true.
MY KIDS ATE SPINACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like, the actual green, leafy, VEGETABLE!
They didn't really 'eat' it, but they DID drink it!
What does...
1 cup of skim milk
10 fresh strawberries
1 banana
1 spoonful of Stevia
10 ice cubes
A sneaky handful of raw spinach, in a blender make?
3 very happy kids and 1 equally as happy Mom

Some of you may be thinking..."Wow, is she really wasting my time on a post about her kids eating a silly helping of spinach in a smoothie?"
Well, yes... I am.
If you have super picky eaters like me, who have had to sit at the dinner table for almost an hour because their Dad insist that they can't leave "until they finish that ONE bite of peas/carrots/corn/green beans, ect..." that they are suppose to?
...then you can definitely relate to how happy this little discovery made me.

And for the other crowd who is thinking,
"Oh, my kids LOVE vegetables! And I have no idea what you're talking about!..."
Then consider yourself lucky.
Because for the most part, this Momma has always included veggies in her kids' diet, and for some reason or another, two out of the three, just would NEVER have it...

Until Now.
(muah ah ah ah ah!)

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  1. I love "green" smoothies! So yummy! You can't even taste the spinach :)

  2. Try this one:

    handful of spinach
    handful of baby carrots
    1 banana
    handful of strawberries
    handful of blueberries
    1 tbsp. agave nectar

    All four kids and my husband drink it like crazy!

  3. Oh boy can I relate. Congratulations! I hide carrots in spaghetti sauce too. LOL

    Jerry Seinfeld's wife did that cookbook with hiding veggies in foods. I'm half tempted to start doing that too.

  4. you should try frozen bananas...I don't know what it is, but frozen bananas make it AMAZING. So glad you tricked those cute little kiddos! FUN!

  5. ha ha! love this! i, too, have VERY picky kids (twins!!) who will not willingly put any vegetable OR fruit into their mouths. they won't even drink fruit juice! i have to sneak fruit and veggies into everything and often think (and dream) about all the time and energy i could save if they would JUST EAT THE DARN VEGGIES/FRUIT! so i completely understand your giddiness and am so happy for you :-)

  6. dude, that's awesome, you do what you gotta do. will try that with my two monkeys!

  7. I'm one of those lucky mom's! Unfortunately, 2 of my 4 developed allergies to fruits and vegetable almost two years ago. You (meaning I) have NO IDEA how many things are made with veggies until you can't have them. It's been such a hard adjustment. :(

  8. So awesome! I love it! We all have our battles with our kids so I feel your joy & victory. :) So...heres a fun situation...

    my kids actually LOVE veggies..& no, I am not bragging..promise. SO, they beg for brussel sprouts, very literally...& now I am forced to eat them. quite often. & I love veggies...but these babies just stink when you cook them & just have never tasted yummy to me...

    Its a never ending battle over these veggies....

  9. My boys LOVE spinach! Why????? Because they love watching the Popeye cartoons and soon after INSISTED we buy it! (Um, mom does buy it...all the time!)

    Sort of like how my oldest had to eat celery whenever he watched the Wonder Pets!

    Funny kids!

  10. Way to go! I love making green smoothies and have gradually made them greener and greener, always trying new things to get my kiddos more veggies. I put frozen fruits in and it gives it such a great texture.

  11. Ha ha ha congratulations for your victory

  12. You are so funny! :) I can totally relate! I have one little one who is practically a vegan and another who is just bearly starting to eat more veggies. Haven't tried slipping veggies in the smoothies but I just might have to now! :) Congrats on your "little victory"! ;)Love that you shared it.

  13. We were at my brother's wedding this summer, and my 18 year old son ate vegetables at the dinner.....What's the big deal? You might well ask.

    My husband and I were almost in tears with the joy of seeing my son eat veggies (willingly for the first time in 18 years!) and everyone thought we were tearing up over the wedding!

    All this to say, I'm feeling your joy/pain!

  14. Have you heard of the cook book "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld? Its a recipe book of foods with veggie purees in them, that are surprisingly good! like hiding squash in mac and cheese, or carrots and spinach in brownies, or my husband's favorite: cauliflower puree in mozzarella sticks... I think you'd like the book!

  15. My kids are horrible eaters!! I purchased the book by Jerry Seinfelds wife and have been trying some of the recipes. My kids didn't notice the sweet potatoes in the french toast, it was great!

  16. Good job mama! You can also take that nice spinach smoothie and freeze it into popsicles in the summer. My sneaky satisfaction level increases dramatically when my kids think they're getting a treat and I've packed it with veggies! PS...you can really load up on the spinach (half a blender full) and it won't impact the taste at all.

  17. LOL - love the sign and then "pin it, people." Well, ok then! :)

  18. Lol! I will have to try this. My oldest will not touch anything green other that candy! What a great post!


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