A Precious Person, Playing, Pretty Pillows & More!

These past few weeks have been quite busy!
We've got a new nephew/cousin in our family and had a chance to head North for his sweet blessing,

been having lots of fun outside, mostly playing in the unseasonably warm weather here in Utah, with just a few snowflakes every couple of weeks,

and are also getting accustom to having homework everyday and learning how to read!

This past weekend we even shot our little episodes for My Craft Channel, that will air in a few months. It was VERY stressful to get everything ready and put together, but once we started filming (and got past the first few episodes) it was actually pretty fun! Having to talk in front of a camera without a host of some sort, is really hard!
The episodes are basically just a live look at some of the popular projects and tutorials we've done on our blog, a couple of FAQ's from our readers and really simple, beginner tool tips from our awesome handy-dad! The episodes won't go live until probably around April, so we'll keep you posted when they're ready!

As for Project: Entryway Closet Makeover... I'm STILL waiting on some pillows I ordered to finish everything off. I received two of them in the mail on Saturday and I'm in LOVE!
The yellow pillow actually ended up having a lot of green in it, so I'm not sure how it will work in the nook yet, but I LOVE the print. And I'm really diggin' the navy, grey-blue and white ikat pillow, it works great with the grey walls. We're getting closer people! I'm going to go searching on Etsy for a large 26x26 inch pillow next. Wish me luck!

Have a Great Day Everyone!


  1. Love your blog...so excited for the craft channe. Is there anyway you could get me a link to the AMAZING grey and yellow fabric I have seen in the last few posts. I adore it!

  2. So exciting! Love the pillows, and the sweet little baby face!!!

  3. Way to go! You look fabulous Shelley. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. I just figured out what My Craft Channel was yesterday, and got super excited! Can't wait to see your segment! That sweet baby makes me wanna have more!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  5. Pillows are sooo easy to make, and you can use the exact fabric you want :) You can do it :)

  6. Too bad your little Nook isn't done because it would be a GREAT photo choice for February photo day 12!

  7. oooh, that ikat pillow is beautiful! is the yellow one more of a chartreuse? i have grey walls and some of that color in my living room, and i like the combo (of course, it all depends on what else is in the space, doesn't it). great choice of pillows.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my random-style blog; come on by if you'd like!)

  8. LOVE that yellowish green pillow andI can't wait to see your episodes :)

  9. Your girls are so adorable! Looking forward to all of your episodes!

    1. A new follower & so excited to c all UR great projects/ideas..thx. 4~Sharing UR talent..

  10. Your nephew is so beautiful. He has the prettiest eyes. You have a beautiful family as well.

    I'm so excited about your craft channel. I can't wait to view it.

  11. I cannot wait to see your segment on the Craft Channel. Also, your girls are absolutely adorable! I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your gifts.

  12. If you're looking for 26x26 {Euro size} pillows, IKEA has them for $7! I just picked up 3 of them for our king bed, plus $13 linen-ish covers. Hard to beat that price! :)

  13. Found you via Pinterest (good ole pinterest right!?!}. Love your blog, you have great stuff!!! You and your blog are absolutley adorable!

  14. I ABSOLUTELY <3 your blog you have got here! .. I love the tutorials and your decor style/colors.. I also have a little blog, www.jhousetawk.blogspot.com .. Feel free to stop over.. Mine isn't near as great, but I love new followers lol . Keep up the goodness!


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