I Am Creative; What are You?

Fill in the blank with something positive you love and believe about yourself:

I Am __________. 

What word first comes to mind? Beautiful, funny, fearless, brave, strong, happy?
For me, I choose... Creative.

Not necessarily specifically crafty, handy, or inventive. Just... creative all around. In how I think, dress, approach life situations, write, decorate, etc.

Starting a phrase with, I Am, is pretty bold don't you think? It made ME a little uneasy at first, anyway. When you start a sentence with "I Am..." You are stating something that you believe in. You're telling someone that you are totally confident, and that you ARE what you say you are, no excuses.

I love it.

In today's society we are always trying to be better. Skinnier, prettier, richer... that sometimes we forget to just stop and look at how great we already are; to take a few minutes and ponder on all the things that we have already accomplished, or the amazing talents we already posses.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by the great people at Catherine's. A national women's fashion retailer, who features articles from women each month on their site, proclaiming THEIR strengths, talents and thoughts through an inspirational phrase, always starting with, "I Am..."
They asked me if I'd write an inspiring message about what being creative means to me. How does it impact my life and how other women can tap into their creative side. I was on board RIGHT away. I LOVED this topic, and it's something that really resonated with me.
These past three years have been a whirlwind of excitement for Cason and I. Blogging and sharing our home and life has opened a lot of doors for us and created amazing chances to be able to meet incredible people, companies, and take part in fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Through doing all of this I've had moments where I think... 
"Okay Shelley, don't freak out. Just pretend like you know what you're talking about/doing, and everything will be just fine. Breathe."
haha! Please tell me we all have those moments in life. Whether it's as a parent, or at a job outside the home. Sometimes it's all about BELIEVING in YOURSELF. Having the confidence to just take on that great opportunity/project/job, and then figuring it all out once you get there.
Fake it till you Make it.
It may sound like the "cheater-way" out of something, but really, it's how Cason and I have gotten to where we are today. LOL. We didn't know what the heck we were doing having 3 little babies before the age of 23, or how to use a nail gun to put up beadboard in our first house. But we never let OUR ideas of what we could and couldn't do hold us back. We just got really creative, and figured it out :)

"A lot of us feel that we don’t want to make mistakes or fail while trying something new, but if you focus too much on preventing failure, then you’ll also avoid ever becoming successful and learning from your mistakes. Holding back that desire within to try something new can stifle your creativity."

This is an expert from the piece I wrote this month, as the feature article for the Catherine's "I Am Creative" post. I truly believe that being creative on ANY scale, is one of the things that can help us grow the most. Taking risks, getting creative in your approach to life in general, and discovering what you are REALLY capable of, can be so incredibly empowering and amazing.

So again, if you had to answer this question with one word...
I Am... ____?____.
What are you?

To read my full article, where I discuss creativity and how you can be more creative too, head on over to the Catherine's "I Am..."  community, and read all about it. While you're there, you can also join the conversation, telling me what makes YOU creative, and enter for a chance to win $500!


  1. love this entry. Very moving and shows alot of person spirit.

    I would have to say I am Crafty.

  2. I am..PATIENT~ I learned when I was a teen that I would never regret being patient. Now mind you I still get excited, and can hardly wait for paint to reach its final color...but Patience has saved me many pains! BTW...LOVE the table you are standing by in the picture!

  3. O WOW!! Thanks for writing this. I can relate to so much of this. The importance of believing in yourself and not stifling your creativity by holding back. Sometimes I'm so afraid to fail that I get stuck and then I end up feeling frustrated. Thanks again....and I love the MDF wall that you did for the model house!

  4. You are INSPIRING too! It's empowering to choose a word and say "I AM ______."

  5. Had some of the same thoughts today...about being happy where you are now and not what you do not have. Thanks for sharing...now I have to figure out the "I am ....(part)

  6. Sounds interesting, and from what I've seen and been inspired by on your blog (though I don't know you personally) I'd have to agree...you got creativity down! :)

  7. Shelley, you have a beautiful family, an awesome blog, and an OMG creative mind. Yes, I used the word "awesome" and I thank you for the list of its synonyms. I have a grandson starting middle school, and he loves using that descriptive word.

  8. My first instinct is to say 'I AM A great mom' its the thing I try to tell myself every day. I am not a natural mom, its not what I have always wanted in life, and its been hard but over all I am a great mom.

    But that's not one word. So If I had to use 1 word I would also say 'Creative'.

  9. My audience makes ME creative, as well as a challenge. Usually my audience are the kids at church, my cub scout den, my children, etc. And the challenge is to teach them something that they find fun and interesting.

  10. Oh my gosh, Shelley! So needed this inspiration today. Sometimes I feel so out of my element blogging! Ya know, if they saw my house or myself right now?! It kinda makes you feel like sham, which is funny because whenever I type out SAHM on my phone it auto corrects to sham! HAHA! But, ya know, it's ok to "wing it" as I like to say and if someone likes it or it helps in some way then that's a win, right!! And as for today I am LOVING. :)

  11. Love this! In reference to your post:

    I am a faker, too. {as in fake it till you make it!!} but seriously....

    I am organized. {f'real this time}

    Thanks for sharing your heart. :)

  12. I love this post! I feel like so many of us, especially women, focus so much on what we'd like to be that we forget who we already are.
    I am STRONG and RESILIENT. My hubby and I recently went through a trial that I always imagined would break me if I ever had to go through it, but instead it taught me how strong I really am (http://kimandnickgrafton.blogspot.com/2012/05/sad-story.html). And in the aftermath, I am learning that I am stronger than I ever thought possible.

  13. I love your message here! Congrats on all your journeys... Your family, your home, your weight loss--and can I just say (because I've been thinking it for as long as I've been lurking), I think you look a lot like Reese Witherspoon, and that may be a weird thing to say right now, but it is a compliment for sure. Even more, you're super creative. I'd like to this I am as well.

  14. I love your message here! Congrats on all your journeys... Your family, your home, your weight loss--and can I just say (because I've been thinking it for as long as I've been lurking), I think you look a lot like Reese Witherspoon, and that may be a weird thing to say right now, but it is a compliment for sure. Even more, you're super creative. I'd like to this I am as well.

  15. Love this post! 3 young babies when you were 23? Wow! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Wonderful and wise words Shelley! I just started following your blog and am loving it! :-)
    Thank you!

  17. So lovely Shelley... this is very inspiring!!!!


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