Krylon ColorMaster Challenge - Complete!

Remember the Krylon ColorMaster Challenge in Ohio that I posted about a few weeks back?
Well... I'm happy to report, that with a LOT of team work, sand paper, painters tape and of course Krylon ColorMaster spray paint, we were able to complete the 24 projects in 24 hours that we had set out to accomplish!

If you followed along, then you know the entire 24 hour work load of projects was recorded live, and streamed on the Krylon ColorMaster web page. What I didn't know, is that not only would Jeff and Mark be chatting and working the entire time, for everyone to see, but so would us bloggers... and in about 100% humidity... it was CRAZY!!!

But no matter how hot or humid it got, I was just happy to have a great team on my side to get all of our projects for Habitat for Humanity done.
bloggers: Jen and Gail

The first day was a whirlwind of show planning, prep-work and getting to know each other. One of my most favorite, easy and quick projects I worked on that day was the re-purposed shutter mail organizer. You can get the complete, step-by-step plans for that project here. We used the Catalina Mist color on the shutter and along with Jade, it proves to be one of my all-time favorite spray painting shades yet.

Day two was packed with not only a bucket-load of work, trying to finish everything up on time, but tons of fun color, cool painting techniques and yes... even rain. ugh.
Just in case you don't know, when it's already 85% humidity and THEN it rains, turning it into literally 100% humidity... you CAN'T spray paint. If you do, then the paint won't cure and could possibly wrinkle and do all sorts of other crazy things to your project. So we waited and tried to keep busy, but those few hours where we couldn't do any spraying, were torture for us and our time limit!
In true Ohio fashion, after a good downpour, the sun came out again, and we were back in business. 

Here's a taste of how a few of the projects looked after we were all done. If you missed all the live action, but want to see how everything turned out, then you can head on over to the Krylon ColorMaster page to see each project, and also get the complete plans in detail. They're the exact directions WE went off of, so I know, first-hand, that everything you'll need to know is in those instruction packs.

With about 5 big projects still pending on the end of day two, and only a few hours left, we somehow managed to finish them all off and even had about 10 minutes to spare.

Tackling this many projects, in this short amount of time was definitely tough, but it also ignited a spark within me to get out the spray paint when I got home. I think I'd forgotten how versatile, simple and accessible spray paint really is for LOTS of projects. So far I've already spray painted the metal frames for the chairs that sit around our game table in the basement, so you never know what will come next!
If you've been inspired to try out one of these 24 projects from our challenge, or have any other projects around your home using Krylon ColorMaster spray paint, then don't forget to submit them to the My Project Vault to share them!

Every project you upload enters you for a chance to win a weekly prize of $500 and the $2,000 grand prize.  Enter as many projects as you want from now until Monday, September 2nd.

So get sprayin', enterin' & GOOD LUCK!

Disclosure: Krylon partnered with bloggers such as me for this 24 in 24 challenge. As part of this event, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me  what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. Krylon believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words.  That being said, all thoughts, words, and opinions are my own.


  1. How fun. I love that address stacked pot planter. It could be so versatile for all seasons.

  2. I can hardly wait to go look at all the projects and save/print them out for future reference. When you do enough spray painting you do realize how much better Krylon is.

    I love how spray paint looks opposed to brush painting so much I hardly want to even use regular paint anymore.
    I have several boards I need to paint with chalk board paint and am dreading it, takes so much longer.( When I went to Lowe's awhile back to buy chalk board paint they were out of spray so I bought a can.) Thank heavens it's not humid where we live. Think I'd better do the painting out on deck tomorrow instead of on my kitchen island like I usually do. It's much cooler but so much messier.
    Maybe I'll take the fan out to help me stay cooler. Our deck faces west so it's super hot in afternoon, not even thinking about any other time of day.
    Oh for our pergola we're still waiting for somebody to help us put up.
    You looked like you were having fun (except for the horrid humidity. (I've lived in KY so know how hot and miserable it can be.) Happy summer

  3. I have noticed that Krylon has added more and more colors to their collection. Glad you got a chance to go and participate in making all these fun projects. :)

  4. Love the outdoor arbor with its bench and that potted planter with house numbers takes the cake. So sorry about our Buckeye weather. We had fourteen to sixteen days of continuous rain this summer: broke a 500 year record. Breezy and cloudy with low 60's yesterday and today, sunny skies and 70's.

  5. What did you use the bundt pans for? They're pretty!


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