East Coast Creative CWTS (Creating With The Stars) 2014!

YEOW! I'm so excited for this seasons Creating With The Stars (CWTS) contest, and I'm thrilled to actually be one of the "stars" this year!!!
Muah? a "star!?"... with all of (looking up) THOSE fabulously talented people!?... pshh, okay, I'LL TAKE IT! Pinch me!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the East Coast Creative blog, Monica and Jess or just Creating with the Stars in general, you can read all about it in lots of detail here. And don't forget to checkout GOBS of freakishly amazing projects from last years contest here.

Basically in a nutshell:
Everything starts with a link party full of all of YOUR creative ideas. Then, 12 contestants are chosen from those entries (you can enter as many projects as you want!). After that, contestants and Stars are then teamed up, creating power-house duos! From then on out, there are 4 weeks of competition, with 4 different categories... and sadly yes, 3 teams are eliminated each week, as a result of YOUR votes! (but everyone's still awesome, and so are the projects that they share... so no worries!). For the finale, 1 grand prize winner and 'star' duo will emerge at the end, be dubbed CREATIVE ROYALTY, and blogger SUPA' - STAHH'S!

Yeah, it's gonna be pretty amazing, you know, with even Martha Stewart and her editorial team picking out their favorite projects...so you won't want to miss out.
I just fainted
Okay, I'm back.

SO... the date that you need to keep in mind is MARCH 3rd! That's when the massive linky party over at the East Coast Creative blog starts, and when YOU get to link up all of your very best 2013 or 2014 projects to hopefully become one of the 12 CWTS contestants! whoo-hoo!
I can't WAIT to see what everyone shares! I mean the idea bank alone, filled with tons of killer project ideas is enough for ANYONE to go over and check it out that day... am I right!?

7 more days and counting - so finish up your awesomest projects FAST and get them ready.
I'll see you there, BEST OF LUCK!


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