Life is Life

Life is life.

Kids and their stuff take over sometimes (no matter how many attempts were made to put things back exactly where YOU think they should go).
... what the (???)

Decorating goes undone, because other things sit higher on your priority list

And NON fun things like laundry, organizing and touching up walls due to scuffs, nail holes and dings, have to get done.

But then there's all the good stuff that sits in between all the imperfect, undone, and chores.

The wild, free, beautiful hair on this darling girl

The funny and sassy attitude her sister brings

Happy memories created with siblings, cousins and nieces.

Longer days with light for Spring break, that allow for scooting around the neighborhood and sidewalk chalking with "friends"

Trying new things, and most of all... filling up your creative cup until it overflows.

I'm not sure when my attitude of "just letting things go" will end (?) I'm sure I'll eventually get my act together and finish a project all the way, blog regularly or (ehhhm)... go back to the gym. 

But for now, Life is Life, and I'm feeling happy, content, busy and creative. In a nutshell... more like ME than I've felt in a long time.
So... that's all that matters in this moment.

How are all of YOU!? 

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just love it. Thank you for being real. I've been following forever, love it all.


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