So Many Firsts

School started today and there were a lot of firsts.

A brand new school, friends and teachers.

The twins are in different classes for the first time ever.
I think I'm having a much harder time with this concept than they are. It's bugging me.
I'm sure I'll get over it.

Aubrielle is now going to a whole day of school instead of just half days.

I'm not sure why I'm so worried about them this time around. I couldn't stop thinking about it on the way to work today.

Are they scared? Have they made friends with anyone yet? Will Aubrielle know what to do for lunch? Where do we pick them up once schools out!?

I know, I know. I just need to breathe and stop stressing. Everything will be fine. But... this is how I feel, and I think it's a Mom's job to let emotions and stress about her kiddos run this high; right?

I might just have a mild heart attack when my twins start middle school. 

Anyone else struggling this week with their kiddos starting a school new year?



  1. I have 12-yr old b/g twins (ok...NEXT week they will be 12....). I am surprised you haven't separated your girls until now. They need their own space, their own identities outside of being a twin. If you treat them as a set, and they act like a set....the world will do it too. This is a good thing for them!!

    I am not anxious about school (even though they are starting a new school) right now. But we may be moving 800 miles away....and then I will be STRESSED!

  2. The first day of school is difficult for me because, more than any other day of the year, I am aware of how time is passing. It's usually a pretty emotional day for me, worse than birthdays.

    By the second day, I'm good. :)

  3. My daughter starts high school this year and my twin boys start kindergarten. It's been a very emotional time for me.

  4. My twins aren't even school age and it bothers me if the school puts them in different classes. I can't really pin point the exact reason as to why it bothers me. Yesterday one of our girls went to daycare by herself and the other stayed home sick, and they both just seemed a little off. It made me sad.

  5. Yes! As a mother of four we have a lot for this school year. 1starting his FINAL year of high school.....This is a year of thinking of college and "rest of your life" dreams and making them realities....then I have another starting her last year of middle school, while little sister is starting middle school with her. One year that they will be together (eases my mind...slightly) and then the baby....he's all alone at the elementary school this year. No siblings. I'm sure he'll love it, but who will be there to check up on him at recess to make sure he's having a good day??? My babies are growing and I want them all 3 and 4 again!!
    Hope your girls...and you...have a fabulous school year.

  6. Awww! I think you sound totally NORMAL!! I used to fret over the first day of school for our boys every year. Even up to the first day of college! They will be ok and so will you!

    Separating twins to different classrooms is the 'norm' around our area.

  7. It's my most stressful year... and mine are in middle school, high school and college. laura

  8. I am not worried about this year, but sending my little boy next year is having me in fits already. I don't know why it has me scared already. :/

  9. We have a couple weeks still...but I'm gonna be a mess :) My baby is going to Kindergarten. And it's all day. I'm sure he'll be fine, and his two big sisters will be at the same school, but I'm gonna miss my little buddy. How was the after school report?

  10. Whether it's right or not it's how you feel because you care about your children. Being a good Mom is ok. Kids figure things out quicker and easier than we do or give them credit for.
    Your girls all look very pretty to start out the new year of school. Have pretty outfits on and their hair all gussied up, what more do they need Mom? Bless you heart for worrying, it's what Mom's do. You'll find out how their day was as soon as you get home from work or they get home from school, whichever one comes first. Happy days.

  11. I'm definitely struggling with my kids starting a new year. My oldest doesn't start till Monday , but I called today to find out some information from the school since they hadn't sent anything i.e. who her teacher is, what school supplies she would need, what bus she should be riding, etc. The school still has kids registering, they haven't decided on classes yet and replied that they won't know who my daughter's teacher is until maybe tomorrow afternoon or by Monday morning when they'll have to direct kids to their classrooms individually. So besides all the normal concern of whether she'll adjust to full day, if her friends are in the same class, does she know what to do with lunch there's that. This is all to say that you aren't the only one. Just breathe. I needed the reminder too. Reading your post made me feel better knowing I'm not the only mom who's stressing.

  12. Such beautiful girls! I'm sure they will do amazing! xx

  13. Love Aubrielle's shirt! My daughter started at a new elementary school. Definitely more scary for me than for her! She is doing great!


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