Captain SillyPants - Where Were You When MY Babies Were Little!?

This past week I helped worked on what could possibly be the BEST photo shoot ever. It was for a new premium baby swaddling blanket line called Captain SillyPants, and we had the CUTEST, itty-bitty models!!!
My adorable niece Halle...

And my two friends' babies, Hudson and Millie!
I could seriously go on for days with these unbelievably adorable pictures. It makes me baby hungry just looking at them!!! Good thing I got in LOTS of cuddles and loves to last me for a little bit ;) 

I feel like it's been SO long since my babies were... well, babies! And when I had little ones, they sure didn't have stylish, big, comfy wraps like these. The swaddle blankets I used were small and too thick. My girls all LOVED being wrapped up, so these would have been really nice. 
If any of you cute Mommas, or Mommas-to-be want to snag a few of these 100% organic cotton, Captain SillyPants wraps, you can get them on Eleventh Avenue today!
You've GOT to see all of the adorable designs they have, and they're selling at a super low price right now too, because it's the first time they've been featured! whoohoo! 

Happy Shopping!


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  1. I just today saw the ad for these. How fun it must have been taking those photos. Those precious babies.


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