Our New Homes Paint, Flooring & Carpet Colors

I've had a bunch of people on Instagram ask about the exact paint and flooring colors in our new house, so I thought I'd create a post with all the resources for you!

None of this paint or flooring was picked out by us personally, it was all set to be installed about the week we first looked at the house. That being said, I don't think I would have picked colors that were that much different. They're all really neutral, and go with warm OR cool tones. MAJOR plus!

Rug - Rugs USA, Table - The Black Goose (you can also find it sometimes on Joss & Main for less!)

1. Wood Floor - Hallmark Hardwoods: American Birch Canvas.
Online it says that Birch Canvas looks like this:
Uhh... I can KINDA see where they get this, because in the brightest of sunlight I pick up some more yellow tones, but honestly, I see WAY more deep brownish/gray when I look into my kitchen and entryway.
Below is a picture that I just snapped real quick, from our own entryway, and I didn't edit the colors at all, in hopes that this will give you the truest idea of what WE see.

Maybe it just depends on what batch of Birch Canvas you get (?) ha! 
If you are considering installing this color floor for a project or in your next house, maybe go check out an actual sample, so you can make sure yours is the exact color you want... because if I would have only seen the top, lighter version picture up there, I definitely wouldn't have picked it. 

Here it is with our carpet, and also a bit of a white and gray rug that we have, so you can see different shades next to it. 

CARPET: Into the Wood - Shaw 12 linen B Standard 6lb pad. 
It hides pretty much EVERYTHING. It's a higher pile, super comfy and goes really well with the floor and both the Salsify AND white paint. 

2. Salsify: form Kwal in eggshell or satin finish.
The perfect medium Greige. Yup... that would be gray-beige. You know, that color that EVERYONE wants when they can't decide what their actual home decor accent shades will be - hence the reason it works so well for a standard home building color. lol
Okay but honestly, I really like it. Sometimes I see more brown and sometimes I just see gray. It's a sneaky shade of paint, but it goes with anything, and I love that. 

If I were to have had any say on this color, I would have changed the paint finish to satin verses eggshell (because it's easier to wipe clean) and possibly would have gone a smidgen lighter as well, so in the corners of my house where there's no sunlight, wouldn't be quite so dark.  
3. High Hide White: Sherwin Williams in a semi gloss finish.
Guys, it's the perfect white - really! 
No blue tones, no creamy yellows... just WHITE! I love it so much, and even though it may sound weird to be so passionate about simple white; it's only because it's not as easy to find as you may think.
We painted our entire basement this High Hide white, and it's fresh and lovely! Below is an idea of how the carpet looks next to the white paint, going down to our basement. 
Oh! And we ALSO used High Hide white in FLAT, on our ceilings :) 

Well... this was definitely the worlds most uninteresting picture post ever... but it does the job :) 

Hopefully this helps out those of you who have been wanting to see if these colors will work well for YOUR home! I know how much of a headache it can be, finding the perfect shades to go into a house, where you may not even know yet what other colors you'll be using! 
Trust me, these are GREAT options :) 



  1. I have been wondering about your house! I guess I better find you on instagram!

    I have never heard of Kwal paints. I see it is owned by Sherwin Williams. I will have to see if our local Sherwin Williams carries this particular paint. Beautiful colors.

    from Virginia

  2. Thanks for sharing, love the home and the colors are gorgeous.

  3. Love the colours! And those chairs by the window -- those are gorgeous!


  4. Love the wood floors! Just gorgeous!


  5. Where did you get your chandelier?

  6. I agree with you about the colors. I wouldn't have gone much differently, either. They look absolutely beautiful. The only color I would have considered would have been more of a beige color. However, that is just me. It doesn't have to be everyone's style. http://steelespaint.com/steeles-paint?category=paint


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