Measure Twice, Buy Once - Lesson Learned

Remember how I wanted this awesome light fixture in my new office downstairs?

Well, I found it on Joss & Main at a great price, so I ordered it right up!
The other site I found it on originally had it on backorder for a few months, so I knew I had to snag it quick.
I had about $150 store credit from a return a few months ago and was so scared that this fixture would be sold out before I had a chance to get it, so I quickly put it in my cart, paid for the remaining balance and did a happy dance!

It came lightening fast (just about every Joss & Main order does, that's why I love them so much!) and when I opened the box, I quickly realized that it definitely wasn't as "gold" as I thought it would be, AND I HAD TOTALLY BOUGHT THE WRONG SIZE fixture!!!
cue: palm to forehead
Uggghhhh... I was so excited to finally get this light, that I totally forgot to check the measurements first. LOL
The entire thing is about 28 x 26 inches, and the size down is 18 x 20 inches (the one I thought I was getting) whoops. 
So yeah, it's way too big for my office, but I still love the shape so much that I think I'm going to try and make it work for our new entryway - which currently has a trendy little caged boob light goin' on right now.

Because I wasn't really diggin' the matte, silvery-gold vibe that the chandelier came in, I decided to go ahead and spray it a brighter gold to make it pop.

Ooo, Ahhhhh...
Hello gorgeous! 
Dang I'm lovin' me some gold lately.

I just have a few more little parts to spray, and then Cason said he'd install it for me sometime this week. Whoohoo! I'll definitely post a picture once it's hung. 

And what is this amazingly fabulous, lovely, awesome, perfectly shaded gold spray paint you ask? 

Stay tuned, I'm sharing it SOON! #itsmyfave



  1. Love it! It will look amazing in the entry. Love the brighter gold color too.

  2. Definitely nicer with the brighter gold!

  3. LOVE IT ... PLEASE do tell ... the suspense is killing me!!!

  4. I have always called those lights "boob lights". We had them all in our house when we moved in. There is one remaining light, and it bothers me to no end. Finding a good ceiling light is always the thing that takes forever. I have a whole room done, but the ceiling light is not there, or is the old school boob one for a while. I always find it eventually. Sorry this did not work in your planned space. I am loving the gold you painted!


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