Smart Season LED, Hidden Lighting for the Holidays!

We're finally spilling all the details about our fab new LED, flat strand, hidden Christmas lighting, installed by the awesome guys over at Smart Seasons Lighting!
If you remember from our Instagram feed, we showed you a picture of these LED lighting strips, before they went on our home.

These state of the art, smart Christmas lights are permanently installed, and include a bluetooth controller box that sits in our garage, so you can manipulate the lighting right from the Smart Seasons app on your phone!

Why do we love these lights so much!?
1. They're customizable. They can be changed as often as you want! (any pattern, any color, anytime).
2. They are LED - Energy efficient. 100 feet of lights (about the amount that we had installed on our home) uses 20-35 watts depending on what setting you are on.  That is less than half of one traditional bulb!!! Booyah!
3. These bad boys stay up all year long, without being seen. No more hassle or additional costs each year to put up and down your lights! They blend in with the trim on your home and are literally unnoticeable

Below you can see a few, of many different options, that these lights can do!

Sadly these awesome lights are sold out for 2015, but Smart Season is doing pre-sales for 2016 delivery! You can snag your lighting with $100 off coupon, when you use code “Smiths” at checkout.
We're completely smitten with this product you guys, and think it's SO COOL and innovative! No more scary, life risking install of pretty lights each year for the holiday season LOL. Cason is thrilled!

Head on over and visit Smart Seasons at their website and on Instagram, and see if these permanent, LED Christmas lights are something you'd love too!

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