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This post was sponsored by CANIDAE® // We strive to only partner with and endorse companies who promote products and messages that we already love, and know you can appreciate too!

A close friend once told me years ago, only halfway joking, that they were pretty sure they loved their dog more than they loved their kids some days (a teenage son and preteen daughter, at the time). I was a new Mom, super naive and an anti-pet person at the time. This was a concept that was completely foreign to me, so like any good friend, I gave her a curtesy laugh, smiled and nodded.

Fast forward about 6 years... and who would have thought!?

Not just ONE dog... but TWO.

A lot of you have asked questions about the breed and nature of our sweet girl pups, so I thought I'd address a few of them!

Our female, Cavalier King Charles pups, Zaylee and Britta are 3 and 2 years old. They have completely become a part of our family, and just like kids, they have their own little personalities and way of doing things... but I also think a lot of their mannerisms come from the type of breed they are. 

I know people SAY they have the best dog(s) ever, but I REALLY do... and that's coming from someone who's not necessarily a "dog person", remember? :)
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is super gentle, affectionate and pretty much the quintessential lap dog. Imagine a super quiet, lazy, sweet-faced toddler who just wants to cuddle all the time. It's the best :) No wonder my friend sometimes liked her dog better than a couple of sassy, loud, messy teenagers. ha!
That being said, because of their less active nature, we DO have to worry about excessive weight gain in our little pups. I had no idea, until we took them to the vet a few months back for a checkup!

Poor Zaylee has about 6 excessive pounds on her, and even Britta, the more active of the two has about 4lbs to lose before she hits her ideal weight. 

For this reason, we started monitoring their food a LOT closer, and upgraded them to the best natural, weight management pet food formula that we could find. CANIDAE®, grain free Pure Resolve.

CANIDAE® pet food is an independent, family-owned company, and has no chicken by-product meal, no corn, wheat or soy and is grain free. Their recipes are made with fresh meat and whole foods, that also include HealthPLUS Solutions® - meaning that there are healthy added probiotics to support healthy digestion, antioxidants and omega acids for a prettier skin and coat.
Do they make a human formula? Because I'm pretty sure my 44oz Diet Coke and chocolate chip oatmeal cookie breakfast, doesn't include ANY of those things :-P

I tried to capture this the best I could, but every time Cason gets our bag of CANIDAE® out, they rush to it. lol.
I was worried that transitioning them to a different dog food would be hard, but we slowly moved them over, and they actually prefer the CANIDAE® over what they were eating before. We also made sure to limit them to only 1 cup of food everyday - where before, we weren't monitoring that closely at all. We'd just fill up the bowls and call it good. (whoops!)

As pet owners?... we've seen pretty awesome improvements within only a few months!
- Better digestion for Britta. She's had stomach issues on and off, for about a year, and we have yet to notice any of her old behavior. 
- Easier clean up. Yeah... I'm thinking you can gather what that means :) We have a tiny yard, and since switching to the CANIDAE®, we've noticed MUCH easier, and more consistent "doggie clean up" outside. 

A big bag of this all natural pet food lasts our two pups a long time, and you can snag some awesome CANIDAE® coupons to try it out for yourself too. 

We love these pups SO much, and they've brought so much happiness and love to our family. They've become like little sisters to my girls and truly are such a ray of sunshine in all of our lives.

Our goal this summer is to get those extra pounds off, with lots of walking and playing with the kids. We need these sweet girls to stick around as long as possible, because we honestly couldn't imagine life without them!

This post was sponsored by CANIDAE® // We strive to only partner with and endorse companies who promote products and messages that we already love, and know you can appreciate too!


  1. I love your sweet little girls! We have been looking into the same breed and we live in your area. Would you be willing to share your breeder info with me. We have been looking for about a year on and off. ashtenb@me.com
    I have a 8 year old cocker spaniel and I'm thinking this food might be a good change for her too!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your little doggies are adorable. If this is the first grain free dog food you've fed your dogs, it would explain why they're are digesting their food better. Dogs are carnivores and they don't do well eating grains. Seeing your King Cavaliers makes me want one.

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