Entryway Decorating Progress

I wanted to share my latest HomeGoods find that I decided to put in our entryway! 
I stumbled on it about 3 weeks ago, and immediately fell in love.
$400 for this grey, weathered, solid wood piece is a steal! It was labeled as a "TV console" but I knew I could use it in the entryway that I've been struggling to decorate😁
I wasn't totally into the dark, existing hardware which gave it a more "rustic" look, so I switched them out for these gold, glass, tube shaped handles from Hobby Lobby.
...after two broke😕... I decided that this particularly delicate handle, no matter how loose or tight I screwed it in, was probably NOT going to work for this little project. lol #trialanderror 
So... I went back and picked out these much sturdier, more geometric gold knobs for the top potion of the console, and some really cool brassy/gold hinged pulls for the bottom cupboards.
I REALLY like the natural element that this piece brings in, against the bright white paint/molding on the wall and teal over dyed rug on the floor.
I'd also been on the hunt for a big sleek, modern, low profile gold framed mirror (that didn't cost a fortune) and FINALLY found one on the Urban Outfitters website! I got mine with a coupon a few weeks ago, and it was only a little over $170 with shipping. booya!
Then after the gym one day I decided to pop back into HomeGoods, and I found this lovely little lamp for only $40! (originally $89). The black and white dalmatian type print caught my eye right away, and I thought it would bring in some cool texture and also help tie in the black front door. 

I had to swing my front door wide open to even get some dang light in this space for a decent picture, because it's been rainy and cloudy here, but you get the idea. lol
Slowly but surely it's coming together! Next up is actually hanging the mirror, and deciding what else I want on this entryway table. That's always the hard part for me, because I HATE clutter. And more importantly... hate DUSTING around clutter... so I only want to decorate with things that I love and make sense. So... I'm thinking candy. Yes.... definitely a pretty bowl or jar with candy. 😀 We'll start with that, and go from there. lol.
Till then!👋


  1. Love the cabinet,exceptional good buy. Got to see if I can get to Homegoods.

  2. What a great find! Love your decorating ideas. I'm with you--decorating around a lot of stuff is a pain! A framed family photo with possibly a gold frame would also look good displayed there.

  3. I have the same one in turquoise! I love it! I searched and searched for the right piece. You have me wanting to switch out my knobs, too. Plus, I just put those geometric knobs on my IKEA dresser (the same one from one of your posts.) We are kindred decorating spirits, apparently.:-)


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