Dreamy St. Thomas!

I'm so excited to finally share my FAVORITE stop that we had on our Princess Cruise!
St. Thomas... and it was a dream!!!

It's true. If you're thinking about a cruise or trip that includes St. Thomas along the way... you're definitely planning the right getaway :)

This little town is full of beauty, shopping and amazing beaches. EVERY corner you turn begs to be photographed. There's so much to see and do!

We're not huge into group excursions... but we decided for the fun of it, we would try one, and I have to say that we had way more fun than I thought we would. ha!

Yes, this is an Ice Bar. LOL.
If you've never been to one, it's pretty simple. EVERYTHING is made out of ice, and all of your drinks are frosty cold ;)
We don't drink alcohol, but our diet coke and water sure were SUPER chilly! haha!

Oh, and if you think you see stairs that lead to a small ice slide in the picture below... you would be correct.
You would ALSO be correct if you assumed that Cason and I were the ONLY adults who actually slid down that slide, laughing hysterically the whole time, because we knew how immature we looked to everyone else. #wheninrome

The ice bar tour only took about 40 minutes, so after that we were off on our own the rest of the day. 

One thing that's a bit difficult with port stops when on a cruise, are the massive amounts of people... especially when there are 4, 5 or 6 different ships all docking at once.

To be honest, our tactic was to jump on any bus, or catch a ride from a local taxi, and get as far away from the ports as possible.

So what?... we don't like lots of people... ha! It's just not my "thing" to feel like I'm being herded in a group from one place to another. So to avoid that, we tried to hit spots that had less tourists.

Megan's beach was amazing for this.
Yes, it still had lots of people swimming and playing, but there were huge portions of the large beach where it felt like we were the only ones around. I loved it.

Once we were done at the beach we ventured back into St. Thomas' downtown area and did some shopping... and eating of course! 

Right before heading back to the boat we also visited a little butterfly garden, which was really quiet and nice.

We didn't have enough time to take a fairy over to St. Johns, which a lot of people said was absolutely beautiful as well. 
There were also lots of other pretty beaches a few of the people on our ship talked about, that I would have loved to see!
... guess I'll just have to go back and explore again. hee hee. 


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  1. Looks like so much fun! We went to St. Thomas and St. John years ago. I'd love to go back. :)

  2. My husband's x boss had a house on Megan's Bay. It was beautiful. He also had a 92 foot yaucht that we got to go on several times. Talk about getting spoiled, we had our own crew. While we docked outside their home on the bay we all went snorkeling. Everyone but my daughter and I went back to the ship by a rubber dingy. We decided to swim back. We couldn't understand why they were all on deck watching us swim. They saw a large fin circling us. Yikes. Also the boat docked next to them had a nude couple that kept diving off their boat. Now I will tell you since you are back. St. Thomas has a lot of crime. They steal fro the tourist and a whole lot more to the residents. I won't even tell you what happened when we were there. But aside that, I feel we were really blessed to get to do this. Let me say, his x boss was a tough one being with him.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Looks so peaceful and relaxing. The water is so beautiful. I agree, I'm not much into mobs either.

  4. Looks beautiful!! :)

  5. Your pictures are beautiful and make me want to go back. 34 years ago this June my high school sweetheart and I honeymooned there. Megan's Bay was gorgeous, St Johns was very nice but at the time we ate our most expensive hamburger ever there. Ha......I believe it was $10 so we split it. i would have to do the slide too in the ice bar!

  6. LOVE St. Thomas! This was where we honeymooned 6 1/2 years ago, and we loved every minute of it! Glad you guys had a great trip!

  7. Looks gorgeous! You two are so cute. Love your happiness and attitude. It's always so fun to read your posts. :)

  8. My boss is from St. Thomas, so when I planned a trip to the Caribbean a few years ago, we chose to stay there for a week. It was amazing. There was plenty of stuff to do that kept us busy for the whole week: Mountain top, Blackbeard's castle, Maegan's beach, boat trip to St. John, boat trip to the BVI. Our hotel (Frenchman's Reef) had it's own private beach and when taking the water taxi into town, we also got a view of David Letterman's amazing beach house! Would highly recommend spending a whole vacation there. :)

  9. Looks great I want to go there now:)


  10. St. Thomas was by far my favorite! Megan's Bay is just the best!


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